Ethic Channel

Code of ethic and conduct

The Neolith Codes of Ethics and Conduct contain the principles and guidelines that constitute a mandatory action guide to ensure ethical and appropriate behavior in the professional development of its administrators, directors, control bodies and, in general, of all its personnel and third parties (agents, distributors, associates, consultants and other intermediaries) regardless of the position they occupy or the place in which they perform their work, in accordance with the laws and regulations established in each of the countries where they carry out their activity .

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The ethical and conduct management of Neolith is one of the fundamental pillars on which our presence in the market must be based. Thus, like more and more international companies, we have been working with the Code of Ethics and Conduct that constitutes the cornerstone on which our commitment to regulatory compliance, ethical behavior in business and in the internal and external relationships that we maintain in the development of our activity.


The codes include the lines of action that all the people who make up Neolith assume, thus becoming a mandatory standard, which governs both the relationships within the company and those that are maintained with everyone who relates to us.

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Internal Information Channel


Through this reporting channel, Neolith offers the opportunity to communicate information about suspected irregular conduct.To do so, please contact


Compliance is in charge of the “technical” administration of the complaints channel, all information provided will be stored on secure servers located in the European Union. Neolith exclusively assumes content analysis. If you wish to remain anonymous, Neolith assures you the confidentiality of the information you provide.

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