Case Study

A Japanese Refuge

Natural minimalism, minimalist nature.

Project location:  Outside the city of Medellin, Colombia.
Project type:        Private home
Design: “5 Sólidos” interior design studio
Inspiration: Minimalism, Japanese design.
Neolith materials:      Neolith Nero, Neolit Beton

Creating an oasis in the middle of the world is possible.

The goal of this project: absolute tranquility.

Designed based on a distinctively Eastern concept, this Japanese retreat is a stunning home, a unique combination of simple architectural elements in a single building. Located in the lush, forested hills that stretch between the José María Córdova International Airport and the bustling city of Medellín, this luxurious residence designed by Colombian interior design studio 5 Sólidos is truly immersed in nature. The project specs called for a home that could be a small haven of peace away from the nearby hustle and bustle of the city. With this goal in mind, the design had to focus on purity, and Neolith sintered stone is used throughout the property. 


This is how this refuge was born.

The owner had become thoroughly acquainted with Japan's unique culture during his many trips to the country and had cultivated a special appreciation for its distinctive architectural styles. He knew he wanted to capture some of this singular aesthetic in the design of his personal retreat, a place created as an escape from the hustle and bustle of everyday life.


With these specifications as a guide, 5 Sólidos embarked on an exhaustive search for materials and shapes it could use to create this refined, minimalist and austere language. After drawing up several designs, they finally settled on a concept for a home inspired by a traditional Japanese residence with two wings, one private and the other social, connected by a hallway flanked by peaceful interior gardens. A shoji screen, specifically designed for this purpose, would also divide the two areas.

“Neolith has a wealth of valuable qualities. Beyond its unrivaled hygiene and durability, it is a low-emission production surface. This attribute tied in perfectly with the aesthetics of the overall home and its focus on sustainable design.”.”


Daniel Correa, María José Fernández and Elisa Otega, designers de 5 Sólidos.

All the details of a one-of-a-kind project

A carefully
crafted homage
to nature

      • Nature is an element that runs throughout the house. Neolith is used in many areas of the property to fully highlight this theme. With its 100% natural composition and its look of real sintered stone, these surfaces pay homage to nature through modern techniques.


      • The material is waterproof, stain and scratch resistant and extremely durable, making it the preferred choice for bathrooms, kitchens and outdoor living spaces without compromising the project's environmentally friendly approach. Beyond its aesthetics, Neolith's carbon neutral status underscores the respect for nature that permeates the home.

“The customer comes first, that's something we’re very mindful about at 5 Sólidos. Fortunately, Neolith surfaces helped us bring the concept that Japanese Refuge was inspired by to life, exceeding expectations. The material offers a tremendous amount of flexibility in design because of the possibility of cutting it to any size, as well as the wide range of models and formats.”


Daniel Correa, María José Fernández and Elisa Otega, designers de 5 Sólidos.

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