Privacy Policy

At Neolith, we work to guarantee your privacy when processing your personal data. We’ve updated our Privacy Policy to clearly state how we gather, use and save the data of people who contact our organization:

  • Data Controller
  • Purposes and Legal Basis for Data Processing
  • Data Processing Period
  • Call Recordings
  • Data Disclosures
  • Social Media
  • Your Rights
  • Third Party Data
  • International Transfers
  • Personal Data Liability
  • Personal Data Processing Measures Taken
Data Controller

All data subjects who provide Neolith with personal data through this website or other means (social media, for example) are hereby informed that your data are processed by:

Thesize Surfaces, S.L.U., (hereinafter “Neolith”)”), assigned tax identification number B85171023, and with a principal place of business of Pol. Ind. Cami Fondo, C/ Ibers, 31,12550 Almazora (Castellón). Phone: +34 964652233. Email:

Moreover, you are hereby informed that we have a Data Protection Officer (DPO) who ensures compliance at Neolith with data protection regulations. You may contact our DPO at lopd@thesize.esor Pol. Ind. Cami Fondo, C/ Ibers, 31,12550 Almazora (Castellón). Phone: +34 964652233.

Purposes and Legal Basis for Data Processing

At Neolith, your data are processed for the following purposes depending on the reason why you provided us with such data and with the following legal basis:

Purposes of Processing Legal Basis

To contact the sender of the information, to respond to their queries, requests or questions and manage the publication of questions and comments as well as conduct subsequent follow-up.

The legal basis for being able to respond to your request or question and conduct subsequent follow-up is the consent from the person providing them. Providing data is voluntary; however, not doing so may mean we are not able to respond to your request, question or complaint. Therefore, communicating your personal data for these purposes is a necessary requirement so that we may service the requests submitted through this channel.

To manage, as applicable, your order and carry out the service contracted by the USER, bill for it and collect on the bill. Customer data may be used to create statistical reports in order to expand and improve Neolith products and services. In any case, no personal data will be included in any statistical reports created. These data will not be shared by Neolith with any third party and will be saved on the company’s servers where the information the customer enters on the product contracted is saved.

The legal basis for processing your data is the completion of the corresponding commercial transaction and the provision of the data is necessary; otherwise, the services and products requested could not be offered

In any case, customer data processing for statistical reports is based on the company’s legitimate interest which is considered prevalent to the extent that no further data will be processed other than that which is provided by users for the sole purpose of being able to enhance the services offered by the company.

In addition, no statistical reports will include any of the users’ personal data as they are anonymous.

To manage and control the customer and supplier portfolios as well as any incident that may arise in relation to them.

To manage, as applicable, the USER’s registration and participation in events and activities organized by Neolith.

To send commercial communications on our products and services as well as on events and activities we organize, including contests and drawings. Based on the information provided, we may create commercial profiles for the purpose of offering you products and services in line with your interests.

The basis for sending commercial communications to non-customer users is the consent expressly requested and provided, which may be revoked at any time. Withdrawing such consent will not affect the lawfulness of any prior processing done.

To assess and manage, as applicable, your resumé when hiring for jobs that adapt to your professional profile and complete the actions necessary to select and contract personnel.

The basis for processing resumés is the consent granted by candidates when submitting one to participate in hiring processes.

To send surveys to assess user satisfaction with Neolith products and services as well as find out their opinions on them and determine how the company may improve. For these same purposes, Neolith may contact the user to test products and analyze new ones that may be developed by the company.

The legal basis for sending out surveys and conducting customer product testing is legitimate business interest. This legitimate interest is considered prevalent as only contact data for the company’s customers will be processed for the sole purpose of securing their opinions on Neolith products and services. The information obtained will be deleted after creating the corresponding report which will never include any personal data. In any case, authorization to process your data for this purpose is voluntary and not providing such authorization will simply result in not receiving any of these surveys or being able to do any of the tests requested by the company. Nonetheless, we would like to remind you that you have the right to object to this processing of your data and may do so via any of the means described in this Policy.

Nonetheless, please remember that you have the right of access, rectification, objection, erasure, restriction of processing, portability and not to be subject of individual automatic decisions. You may exercise your right to object to this processing of your data via any of the means described in this Policy. The consent granted may be revoked at any time by writing to indicating “GDPR Opt-Out” in the subject line. However, doing so will not affect the lawfulness of any prior data processing. Providing data for these last three purposes indicated is not mandatory and will only mean not being able to process your data for such purposes. The categories of data processed are those requested on the form you used to provide us with your data.

Data Processing Period
  • Data used to manage the customer relationship and bill and collect on services shall be saved for the entire term of the contract in effect. Once such relationship ends, as applicable, the data may be saved for the time required by applicable law and until any liability deriving from the contract prescribes. Statistical reports relating to market studies may be saved indefinitely; however, they do not include any personal data.
  • Data used to manage queries and requests shall be saved for the time necessary to respond to them and no longer than one year after their resolution.
  • Data used to participate in studies, games, contests, events, activities, drawings and promotions will be saved for the terms of duration thereof and, as appropriate, in accordance with any specific rules in order to manage their outcomes and afterwards until any possible deriving liability prescribes.
  • Data used to send commercial communications on our products and services shall be saved indefinitely until you request they be deleted.
  • Data from resumés for hiring processes will be saved for a period of two years after applying for a specific position.
  • Data obtained from surveys sent out by Neolith as well as tests conducted by users of the company’s products or future products shall be saved until the corresponding statistical report is prepared by the company on the findings. Any such reports will not include personal data.
Call Recordings

Calls may be recorded when servicing your requests in order to analyze them to improve the responses offered and provide more personalized services.

Your data will be processed on the basis of the company’s legitimate interest which is prevalent due to the need to have tools to assess and enhance the quality of the responses we offer and the decisions made in virtue thereof. They will also be processed to increase security and have a means of proof with regard to the services and products requested and offered by us; therefore, call recordings are necessary.

Recordings shall be saved for a minimum of 12 months and, in any case, until your request has been fully processed or your query fully answered. If any new data must be collected by phone as a result of a complaint, purchase, product or service exchange, etc., the recording will be saved as proof of the data collected throughout the period of time any legal liability may be enforced in virtue of the relationship maintained. Information relating to the assessment of decisions made by users in virtue of the answers offered is saved for a period of 12 months.

Data Disclosures

The data will be disclosed to the following entities:

  • To companies in the Neolith Grup to which Neolithbelongs, particularly including any subsidiaries directly or indirectly held by International Design Surfaces Investments S.L., assigned tax identification number B88343066, all of which are in the industrial sector, for the purpose of centralized management of our business and compliance with internal administrative purposes including the processing of customers’ personal data. Likewise, if you have granted your consent, your data may be assigned to these companies so they may send you commercial communications that may be of your interest in view of your customer profile.
  • To agencies that assist with advertising, marketing campaigns, market research and surveys.  
  • To financial institutions that process payments.
  • To the competent public administrations in cases established by Law and for the purposes defined therein.
Social Media

If you friend us or follow us through our social media accounts, we will process your data to keep you updated on our activities and promotions through such channels. The data will be processed on the legal basis of your consent and will be saved for the period of time you remain our friend or follower. You may revoke your consent at any time; however, any such revocation will not affect the lawfulness of any data processed prior to withdrawal of consent. Providing data for this purpose is voluntary; however, not doing so will mean you will not be able to friend or follow our social media accounts.

In cases where users register for social media, the personal data we process will come from the social network in question to which the data subject will have previously provided such data for such purposes as outlined in their own privacy policies. The categories of data we collect from the social networks in question are indicated on our registration form you provided to said social network. If any data other than already supplied by the social network are essential when registering at our website, you must also complete our registration form subject to the privacy terms established in this Privacy Policy.

Our websites may include social media features such as a Facebook “like” button, LinkedIn button, Twitter button or other widgets. These social networking companies may recognize you and collect information on your visit to our websites and may configure a cookie or use other tracking technologies. Your interactions with these features are governed by those companies’ privacy policies. Moreover, we offer targeted advertising through social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn, among others. These companies have interest-based advertising programs that allow us to target ads at users who have shown an interest in our websites while using the social media platform or to groups of other users who share similar characteristics such as similar commercial interests or demographic data. These ads are governed by the privacy policies of the social media companies that provide them. In these cases, Neolith is not given the personal data of the campaign recipients; it only agrees with the social network on the market segment at which it wishes to target its services and products.

When you interact with our websites through various social media platforms such as when you connect via Facebook to our websites or click on the “Like” button for our social media accounts or follow us or share our content on Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn or other social networks, we may receive information from those social networks including information on your profile, user ID associated with your social media account and any other information you allow to be shared with third parties on that social network.

If Neolith secures prior consent from users, it may engage in the following actions and, thus, process the data users register with the corresponding social networks:

  • Carry out direct advertising campaigns directed at social media users by sending private messages, for example.
  • Obtain information on social media users who tick the corresponding box in the social media database for commercial campaigns.

Consent may be revoked at any time although it will not affect the lawfulness of any prior data processing.

Your Rights

Everyone who provides us with their data has the following rights:

  • Everyone has a right to receive confirmation as to whether we are processing personal data concerning them or not. Data subjects have the right to access their personal data as well as request the rectification of inaccurate data or, as applicable, request their erasure when the data are no longer necessary for the purpose for which they were collected, among other reasons.
  • Pursuant to the terms of the General Data Protection Regulation, data subjects may request the restriction of the processing of their data or their data portability in certain circumstances in which case we will only save them for the exercise of rights or to defend ourselves from claims.
  • In certain circumstances and for reasons related to their own particular situation, data subjects may object to the processing of their data. If you have granted consent for any specific purpose, you have the right to withdraw your consent at any time without such action affecting the lawfulness of any data processing based on consent provided prior to the withdrawal. In such cases, we will stop processing the data or, as applicable, stop processing your data for the specific purpose except for compelling legitimate reasons or for the exercise of rights or to defend ourselves from claims.
  • All of the rights mentioned may be exercised via the means of contact listed in the 'Data Controller' section of this Privacy Policy.
  • If your rights have been breached or you are not satisfied with the exercise of your rights, you may file a complaint with the Spanish Data Protection Agency (contact details available at or other competent supervisory authority. You may also get more information on your rights by writing to those authorities.
Third Party Data

If you provide third-party data, you will be liable for previously informing them of all of the content of article 14 of the General Data Protection Regulation under the terms established therein.

International Data Transfers

Neolith uses Mailchimp platforms to send communications and surveys. The personal data collected through these communications and surveys will be saved on the platforms owned by these suppliers which save their data in the United States; therefore, an international data transfer may be possible.

In any case, these entities offer adequate data protection guarantees as they apply the Standard Contractual Clauses approved by the European Commission for international data transfers. For more information:
Personal Data Liability

The user is liable for the veracity of the information provided via this website. Therefore, you are liable for the accuracy of all data communicated and shall keep the information provided updated so that it corresponds to your real situation. The user is liable for any false or inaccurate information provided and any damages that such may cause to the owner of this website or third parties.

Personal Data Processing Measures Taken

Neolith undertakes to use the personal data provided pursuant to the purposes indicated in this Privacy Policy, thereby guaranteeing the security and confidentiality of all personal data provided. For such purpose, it has implemented the technical and organizational measures necessary to prevent the alteration, loss, unauthorized processing or access pursuant to the provisions of applicable regulations.