Only by looking at things differently can you change what’s around you.

Innovation is a major part of our DNA. Neolith’s R&D department has been a cornerstone of how we understand our mission as a company from the start. Because only through ongoing improvement in our products’ performance, applications and efficiency, both in terms of production and distribution, can we achieve our goal: to create unique spaces that are full of life.


This innovative spirit is evident from the moment we design our surfaces and through each and every stage of Neolith's manufacturing process. This is how we are able to respond to the most diverse needs of our customers around the world, meeting both the needs of today and the needs of their homes and businesses in the years to come. This is how we create more versatile, sustainable and efficient spaces.

Our manufacturing
process, step by step.

01. Production of raw materials

Grind the natural minerals sourced from the mines and atomize them to produce small particles.

02. Extension of the powder in the production line

03. Pressure

400 tons of pressure per slab are applied. This process is performed without heat, water or glues.

04. Rectifying the edges

This process produces a rectangle with straight edges.

05. Drying chamber

Elimination of any moisture that might still be in the piece.

06. Digital decoration

To create the final design.

07. Sintering

The slabs are heated up to 1,200ºC to produce a highly compacted slab.

08. Quality control

Visual and tension inspection of each slab produced. Comprehensive process tracking with a barcode system.

Innovation means always going the extra mile.

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