Neolith HGTV Show case1

Episode 2

Starring: Melissa McCarthy
Neolith® colors featured: Blanco Carrara and Zaha Stone Blanco Carrara and Zaha Stone

The second episode of the show’s opening season aired April 20th. In it, comedic actress Melissa McCarthy of ‘Bridesmaids’ and ‘Ghostbusters’ fame surprises her aunt and uncle. The couple are both retired police officers whom McCarthy looks up to. She shows her appreciation of them with a stunning renovation of their Chicago home.

款式用于 Neolith Blanco Carrara® 厨房后挡板、台面和岛台选用了 Zaha Stone. McCarthy wanted to update her relatives’ home as a way of thanking them for all they have done for others. Two rooms were refurbished. One of which became an upstairs ‘retreat’ in which her aunt can cook and entertain.


Mar Esteve Cortés 评述。

Neolith 是这一集的理想之选,整个设计团队都做得非常出色。厨房采用了两种色调的配色方案,而起居室的壁炉则采用柔和的中性色调,这是现代家居改造的真正时尚组合。

Mar Esteve Cortés 评述。

梅利莎·麦卡锡在这一集中使用的所有 Neolith® 材料均由伊利诺伊州格伦代尔高地的 Neolith® 分销合作伙伴 Stone Design 联合提供。

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