chimeneas hechas con Neolith®

neocube-o: Fireplaces made with Neolith®

About CB stone tec

CB group is based in Bavaria, Germany specializing in high-quality fireplaces as well as in the processing of natural stone and ceramics. CB is the European leader in the field of fireplace accessories parts.

An innovative company that is constantly researching, and developing breathtaking fireplaces, selecting top quality material aided by the modern production facilities that ensure the highest product quality.

What is neocube®-o?

Born from a mutual forward-thinking and dynamic approaches of both Neolith® and manufacturing company CB-Stone Tec, neocube-o is an outdoor gas fireplace developed to establish new dimensions in design, workmanship and material diversity.

The chic fireplace combines high quality gas firing technology in stainless steel and Schott glass with an elegant, Neolith®-clad base. With a striking visual appearance, neocube-o is a sophisticated style statement, guaranteed to catch the eye. Available in 13 Neolith® colors.

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cover neocube o

Certificado neocube-o

neolith neocube-o certified

Färger tillgängliga på begäran

Arctic White

Arctic White

Calacatta C01





Mont Blanc



neolith® new york new york

New York-New York

Zaha Stone

Zaha Stone

krater 03


nero zimbabwe

Nero Zimbabwe

iron corten

Iron Corten

Iron Grey

Iron Grey

Sofía Cuprum Grey

Sofía Cuprum

La Bohème

La Bohème