Neolith®’s Full Spectrum

Celebrating 10th Anniversary with a special exhibition in Verona

Neolith® will be hosting a special exhibition during Marmomac 2019An immersive experience to celebrate 10 years in business where visitors can witness how Neolith® is championing sustainable production to become the most eco-friendly manufacturer on the market.


September 25-28, from 10:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m.

Neolith X Aniversary


Crowne Plaza Hotel. Via Belgio 16,
37135. Verona – Italia

Through a very special installation, Neolith® will demonstrate in Verona, its versatility as a product as well as a brand, thanks to the fact that it offers a multitude of architectural solutions and an exceptional service to meet any objective of its customers.

Four days of exhibition, to discover the first lines of R&D&I which Neolith® is currently advancing, and which will mark the future 2020 collection.

Additionally, to the presentation of the new raw material production plant to be launched very soon.

An experience where attendees will be in up-close contact with Neolith® to discover why it is the favorite surface and brand of architects, designers and prescribers from all around the world.

Gaze into the Neolith Rainbow

Discover the Neolith® breathtaking rainbow installation, made up of a melange of colors and patterns. A masterpiece, specially lit and staggered to create an illusion of continuity and reflect the aesthetic and functional qualities of the Sintered Stone.

El The Neolith® Rainbow will lead to six standalone stations which will introduce visitors to the brand and allow them to explore the versatility of the surface and its different contributions to the world of design and architecture, from bespoke decoration to proprietary products and finishes.

arcoiris neolith

Stop by the Neolith Food & Roll

Continuously roadtripping around European cities, the fully-functional, kitchen 100% made with Neolith®, will make a stop in Verona, to show off the variety of Neolith® applications and colors. A non-conventional concept stationed to present the aesthetic and functional qualities of the Sintered Stone in an innovative way.

Neolith Food and Roll

Neolith Sintered Stone

Taste with Neolith

Complementing the event, cookery demonstrations will take place to demonstrate live, the excellent technical properties of Neolith®

Chef Federico Mugnani will delight the attendees with traditional recipes with his own personal distinguishing, touching the thrilling diners’ palates.