Neolith New Talents

Neolith New Talents

Total Neolith

Winning Project: Total Neolith

Name of Winner: Pablo Manteca Martín

Name of University: Escuela Técnica Superior de Arquitectura de Valladolid

City: Santander, Spain


Total Neolith®, a project that creates a harmonious environment through the use of mono-material that has interesting variations, simple forms, and spatial continuity. A stand-alone space born in the middle of an island, surrounded by wild rocks, yet somehow blends into this nature through the clear greyish tones and rocky texture of Neolith® Strata Argentum. A concept that was envisioned and modelled thanks to the special dimensions and continuity of the surface chosen.

Mnenje žirije:

An awe-inspiring project with fascinating equilibrium. Despite the use of one color, it does not feel repetitive, managing to capture enough attention and curiosity with its high elevation. A unique bunker standing out for its minimalism and uniformity.

Reforma vivienda unifamiliar

Winning Project: Reforma vivienda unifamiliar

Name of Winner: Elena Martínez Sanz

Name of University: Escuela de Arte y Superior de Diseño de Castellón

City: Castellon de la Plana, Spain


The main objective of this residential reform, is to utilize the abandoned spaces of the apartment efficiently, and convert them into corners where the family can make use of, in their day to day. For the reform, the protagonist material is Neolith®, a creative solution which balances space, and aesthetics. The prime focus throughout the residence is the creative wall of geometric figures presented in the center of the apartment, which can be seen from the interior as well as exterior space of the house.

Mnenje žirije:

A great understanding of the material, demonstrated through the intricate shapes and cuts of the sintered stone in various spaces of the house from furniture to striking artistic walls combining different materials and textures. Despite the contemporary feel that runs through the house, we find more traditional elements like the height of the ceilings that confers also more awareness to the use of the real size of the slabs in some spaces of the project.