Designed by Niels Karsten Kniest de nkk Raumkonzepte

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Endereço: Höherweg 230, 40231 Düsseldorf, Alemania
Teléfono: +49 2241 2550114
Horario: 12h – 18h

Interior designer niels karsten kniest of nkk raumkonzepte has transformed a vast production hall into a breathtaking display of the Sintered Stone’s potential. Upon entering the showroom, visitors are shown a kitchen, library space and freestanding bath, making them immediately aware of the diverse applications of the material.

Shower rooms, bathrooms and vanity units in different styles throughout the ample space help designers and specifiers realise Neolith’s full creative potential, whether for wall cladding, flooring, worktops or sinks.

The designer has taken the design a step further to incorporate less conventional Sintered Stone applications, including a fireplace, customised tile formats, ceiling cladding and herringbone parquet.

Some of the brand’s most popular patterns feature, including eloquent Estatuario and Calacatta Gold; industrial Beton e Iron Corten; organic La Bohème and Arena; and dusky Nero Zimbabwe and Pulpis.

The main theme behind the design is ‘think different’. I was driven by looking at things not just for the obvious, but to fathom them fully, play with the possibilities and show the unexpected. I want to encourage visitors to see the material with a new perspective, think differently and think ahead.

Niels Karsten Kniest. Designer
Neolith Urban Boutique Dusseldorf
Neolith Urban Boutique Dusseldorf
Neolith Urban Boutique Dusseldorf
Neolith Urban Boutique Dusseldorf

A grand opening

Local architects have been invited to join in the opening celebrations, starting with an introduction to the idea behind the showroom by Neolith’s German consultant, Michael Jamann. Next, award-winning architect Pau Llimona will give a special presentation on the remarkable interiors of Albert Adriá’s celebrated Enigma restauran

Guests will then have the opportunity to relax and chat as they explore the numerous applications in situ.

Pau Llimona

Pau Llimona Arquiteto

Colaboradores do projeto

Neolith® Project Colaborators

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About the (NUB) Series

The Düsseldorf showroom is the latest addition to the Neolith Urban Boutique (NUB) series, with locations already open in London, Milan and Madrid with another set to open in Amsterdam. Focusing on customer experience, the NUB series seeks to reconceptualise the traditional showroom as an imaginative exhibition space.

How to arrive?

Endereço: Höherweg 230, 40231 Düsseldorf, Alemania