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Neolith chosen as the Sustainable Product by Interiores magazine

For its "quality, excellent understanding of environmental awareness", Neolith has received the Sustainable Product award granted by Interiores magazine. Awards that were born three years ago to recognize the talent, expertise and effort of the best creators, companies and products of the year related to the world of Design and Interior Design.


Neolith is a product that combines aesthetic appeal with sustainability. A 100% natural product made with natural clay, feldspar, silica and mineral oxides.

For its natural composition, Neolith is 100% recyclable. Furthermore, Neolith slabs are made of less raw materials than other product categories because of the thinness meaning it reduces the erosion of the soil where they are found. Neither emit toxic gases into the atmosphere when exposed to fire or extremely high temperatures.


Adding to its sustainable character, a new treatment has been launched for its facades line: Neolith + Pureti. A treatment that makes the facades continuously self-cleaning in addition to reducing the contaminating agents and, thus, improving air quality.