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Neolith presents PURETI: an innovative treatment for facades

Neolith has joined the environmental conservation efforts through the market launch of a revolutionary treatment for its SKYLINE facade line: PURETI.

Pureti treatment is an aqueous and titanium dioxide nanoparticle-based treatment that is sprayed on Neolith to create a photocatalytic, self-cleaning and decontaminating effect, triggering the facades to continuously self-cleaning in addition to reducing the contaminating agents and, thus, improving air quality.


SELF-CLEANING | facades due to the photocatalytic effect produced.
DECONTAMINATING | as substances that are harmful to the environment are neutralized.
ANTI-BACTERIAL | as bacterial growth is stopped.
ANTI-ODOR | as they completely eliminate bad organic odors.
ANTI-ALLERGEN | as the air we breathe is constantly purified and improved.


Through a process of Photocatalysis and Superhydrophilicity. Click HERE to see the video explaining both processes.



Neolith at Marmomacc 2017
Once again, Neolith will present its latest developments in Marmomacc. The international Stone fair known for excellence, taking place in the Italian city - Verona, from 27 to 30 September 2017.
Visit the Neolith booth, in Hall 11 - Stand G4.


Neolith La Bohème winner of prestigious Plus X Award

Neolith La Bohème has won the prestigious Plus X Award for "Best Product" for the second year running. 

La Bohème was awarded for its innovation, high quality and startlingly realistic natural wood design. Inspired by the stem of a Lebanese Cedar, the combination of knots and veins emulate the appearance and texture of natural timber.


To bring the design to life and as close to nature as possible, both in appearance and texture, the slab is created through Neolith’s proprietary digital printing technology, Neolith Digital Design (NDD), and goes through an embossing process which gives the surface its 3D appearance. 


The product is an archetype of the company’s dedication to creating out-of-the-box designs, with limitless installation possibilities, from interior washrooms to exterior swimming pools, and kitchen fit outs to exterior cladding.



Neolith chosen as the Sustainable Product

For its quality, excellence and environmental-sensitivity, Neolith has been chosen as a "Sustainable Product" in "Building the future" workshop organized by Infoprogetto in Bolzano (Italy).


Neolith is a 100% natural and recyclable product, combining the best raw materials with the most advanced manufacturing technology in respect to the environment. The Sintered Stone, enables a high yield for each piece and reduces completion times thanks to its large formats available.

Neolith’s resistance to extremely high and low temperatures makes it ideal for ventilated façades, providing continuous insulation and blocking direct solar radiation for considerable energy savings.


In this manner, Neolith gives designers, architects and other industry professionals confidence that their aesthetically-appealing design decisions are as equally appealing to the environment.

More info here.