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The KITCHEN LOUNGE by NEOLITH® line sees the world of kitchens as an environment where design and functionality co-exist as well as elegance and durability, esthetic details and technical characteristics.

With this purpose, NEOLITH® brings life to a surface that is extremely resistant to scratching, high temperatures, chemicals and UV rays in addition to being stain resistant and featuring practically zero absorption due to its porosity of nearly 0%.

NEOLITH® KITCHEN LOUNGE also offers more than 50 models in different finishes to satisfy all types of tastes, needs and trends for any owner, interior designer or architect anywhere in the world.

More than 150,000 countertops installed all over the world since 2010, back NEOLITH®'s extraordinary features in the world of kitchens with a 25-year manufacturer's warranty on all slabs used for countertops.

NEOLITH® also has a special line for sinks, NEOLITH SINKS, which is made of the same material as is used for our countertops to provide an integrated, minimalist kitchen design.

Neolith® Kitchen Lounge 2021

neolith kitchen lounge 2021

12 mm edge 1 538583340970

12 mm edges

Scarf jointed/mitered e1538583821979

Scarf jointed/mitered

Angled skirting e1538583418738

Angled skirting

Polished edging e1538583453133

Polished edging

Pilaster edging e1538583494980

Pilaster edging

Angled edging e1538583511662

Angled edging

Butt joint edging e1538583535195

Butt joint edging

20 mm edges 1 e1538583474640

20 mm edges


NEOLITH® recommends the use of 12 and 20 mm thick slabs for countertops. These thicknesses make it possible to create several types of edging that match different design styles.

NEOLITH® recommends a radius of at least 2 mm. The greater the radius, the better it will bear any impacts, but there will also be more base color in the slab. In areas with a high risk of impact (sinks, for example), a 2 mm radius edging is recommended as this is the best option for the look and durability. The edging shown here can also be applied to angles.

NEOLITH® recommends using the following edge for NEOLITH® countertops. It is the perfect compromise between esthetics and functionality.

300x135 diagram recommended by Neolith
– Diagram recommended by Neolith

The edge is formed by a 2 mm bevel and by two rounded edges with a radius of 0.5 mm. The radius is barely visible but increases the edge impact resistance.

In high impact risk areas (sinks and dishwashers, for example), the edges could be as follows:

300x115 area with a high risk of impact
– Area with a high risk of impact

The greater the radius, the better it will bear any impacts. Remember that the greater the bevel, the more base color in the slab.

The edges can be wet or dry polished using standard granite or marble discs.

Recommended edges for NEOLITH®:

300x155 round edging 2 mm
– Round edging, R 2 mm

300x149 angled edging with bevel
- Angled edging with Bevel, 2 mm

300x125 inverted scarf
- Inverted mitered edge


NEOLITH® sees the world of kitchens as an environment where design and functionality co-exist as well as elegance and durability. The NEOLITH® Kitchen Lounge line offers a more integrated and minimalist look to kitchens by including the sink line, NEOLITH® Sinks, made of the same material as is used for the kitchen countertops.

Neolith® Sinks is an element of extraordinary characteristics for an integrated and functional kitchen concept, always maintaining the elegance and durability inherent to the material.

Sinks Catalogs

Neolith sinks catalog cover

Ficha Técnica Fregaderos

Neolith sinks datasheet cover

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Cleaning and Maintenance

Neolith is an easy-to-clean material as it does not absorb residue or food remains, thereby guaranteeing good hygiene. It is also resistant to most chemical agents used in cleaning* although a damp cloth is sufficient in most cases for cleaning it.

For proper care and use of the material, see the Neolith Cleaning and Maintenance Guide and the Cleaning and Maintenance Guide for Polished Finishes.

AKEMI Cleaning products Neolith®


Very few products are capable of remaining unalterable with the passing of time and also maintaining their resistance, durability and appearance properties intact.

TheSize offers a 10-year warranty on its Neolith slabs in the following thicknesses: 3+3+3, 3+3, 5+3, 6+3, 5+5, 10, 12 and 20 mm in the Satin, Silk, Polished and Riverwashed finishes used for kitchen countertops.

TheSize does not offer a warranty for 3, 5 and 6 mm thick slabs (with or without mesh) used for the same purpose.

Don't forget to register your NEOLITH® Warranty!

*The following thicknesses refer to laminated slabs with fiberglass mesh: 3+3*, 3+3+3, 6+3, 5+5 and 5+3

* 3+3 refers to a laminated slab. It's not the same as a 6 mm thick slab.

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