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In light of the current situation, at NEOLITH®, we wanted to start this initiative to inform, entertain and maybe get you to smile! through handpicking the good and creative actions born in these uncertain times. As Albert Einstein would say:

"Creativity is contagious, pass it on".

Week #3

Quarantine Culture


While Nagami Design usually makes objects such as 3D-printed chairs by Zaha Hadid Architects, read all about their latest great contribution and watch how they have converted to 3D-printing protective equipment for hospitals.


Nothing better than taking advantage of the quarantine to unleash your inner tidying guru! Follow 4 simple tips to declutter and destress. If you need more tips, we recommend watching "Tidying up with Marie Kondo" available on Netflix.


Garibaldi, Ambrosia or Mini Gibson are 3 of the 13 easy cocktail recipes that Forbes magazine features to prepare at home and enjoy alone or in good company!

Neolith Community

The Master Pastry Chef Paco Torreblanca joins the Neolith® initiative #ICOOKATHOME inviting us to prepare a simple and sweet recipe during these days of lockdown, don't miss a a detail!

Nowadays, in the midst of the COVID-19 outbreak, we are all specially concerned with maintaining a clean enviornment in our home, minimizing any type of health risks.
Routine disinfecting will protect you and your family; therefore, we have prepared a short video on how to sanitize your Neolith® Countertop.


We would like to thank our exceptional staff for their commitment, professionalism, effort and dedication, specially during these last weeks.
Now and always, we are a great family. THANK YOU!

Healthy News


The Covid-19 has dramatically reduced air pollution levels in Europe, even better if we all used electric cars once we are back to normal commute, we would be able to maintain this incredible air quality in the future.

3D-Printed Ventilator

BBC features a Spanish team who has rapidly designed an emergency-use ventilator out of 3D-printed parts. The good news is that they are waiting for it to be approved soon.

meme coronavirus 285x300

Corona Memes

It is known that laughing together strengthens the sense of community, and social networks serve as a source of inspiration, for sharing a good laugh or maybe a fun account. Check out the selection of memes of the week.

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Talk about Creative!

We show you a selection of inspiring designs, illustrations and graphic elements of the best designers around the world.

#Week 2

Quarantine Culture


Buildings or public spaces, here is how the COVID-19 Pandemic will change the construction trends according to Architectural Digest .


The cartoonist Toby Morris and the microbiologist Siouxsie Wiles explain via animated illustrations the importance of social distancing during the Coronavirus outbreak.


The New York Times Style Magazine takes us on journey of self-care and de-stressing activities that we can do during our stay at home.

Neolith Community

Our home has become the place where we feel safest, now more than ever. We have made a selection from our latest residential case studies for your inspiration.

A special mountain house getaway

Neolith casa naan 13

Eternal elegance in a luxury apartment

Neolith Private Residence Rome 00

Here is a look into the house of a Pastry Master

Neolith cedric grolet thumb

An ecological house with lots of soul

Neolith Vivienda Unifamiliar Ciempozuelos 25 1


We extend our deep gratitude for our partners in China, TechSize and TheSize APAC (Distribution and our Asia Pacific Branch), as well as Victor Display (Supplier of Neolith Samples Towers), given that they have just surpassed the health crisis in China, they were proactively able to find a supplier for face masks, and make the first shipment to TheSize.
Throughout the upcoming weeks, we will be receiving more quantities, to be able to distribute to our partners across the world.

It is inspring to see the level of solidarity among all the stakeholders of the chain, at moments as critical as those which we are living.

Healthy News

Corona Memes

There appears to be fewer jokes about the virus compared to the number of funny scenes circulating about the new situation. Laughing these days seems to be the remedy and best recipe to overcome confinement.

Talk about Creative!

We show you a selection of inspiring designs, illustrations and graphic elements of the best designers around the world.

#Week 1

Healthy News


Dr. Mehmet Oz of “The Dr. Oz Show” tells TODAY that there are proactive steps you can take against the coronavirus, such as boosting your immune system with fruits and vegetables, vitamin D3 and a flu shot.


According to the Spanish citizens have proven they will not let a coronavirus quarantine keep them from exercising.


China has closed down its last coronavirus hospital. Not enough new cases to support them!

Neolith Community

The Neolith® Group wanted to contribute to the common fight against Coronavirus with a financial contribution of € 300,000 to hospitals in Castellón, nurturing our commitment for protecting our employees, their families and the wider local community where we live and operate so that together we can overcome this situation as soon as possible.

vista aerea neolith

Quarantine Culture

Visit the Prado Museum

The Prado Museum in Madrid invites you to a virtual visit right from your home. Available on their website and through their Instagram profile, daily news at 10.00am are launched for creating a cultural dialogue. We invite you to participate and keep up with the culture talks of one of the most important museums in the world.

You can still tour the world

Google Arts & Culture presents a website of the google Cultural Institute that features a collection of high-resolution images of works exhibited in various museums around the world. Continue to tour the world here.

Corona Memes

How about a laugh?

These days, our screentime is multiplying, with the non stop coronaviral whatsapps and emails including funny memes. Here is our best of selection.

Talk about Creative!

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