Sustainability and social responsibility are at the heart of Neolith®’s business. From green initiatives to supporting charitable foundations, the Sintered Stone brand is committed to giving back to society, helping make improvements which will benefit generations to come. This is Neolith’s Commitment.

Neolith® Commitment

Acutely aware of the need to tackle the climate change crisis, the company has made significant investments in reducing emissions across its operations, rapidly adopting green manufacturing practices. This ranges from reducing slab shipping frequency and condensing the supply chain to incorporating air-purifying surface finishes and solvent-free decoration technology.

A family first approach is an important part of Neolith®’s ethos. Having fostered a strong and loyal working community over the last decade where staff are constantly supported, Neolith® is also committed to sharing its philosophy, integral to the success of the business. As such, the brand has made significant donations throughout its history to a number of worthy causes which reflect these essential values.


In 2019, Neolith® maintained and renewed its substantial charitable commitment to The Pepitamola Foundation on behalf of the brand and its worldwide network of distributors.

The foundation aims to help families with children with Down’s Syndrome, promoting their physical, intellectual, emotional and social development through early stimulation.

Neolith® has worked closely with the Pepitamola Foundation since 2018, supporting the organization’s ongoing work to raise awareness and encourage social integration of people with Down’s Syndrome.

It was for this purpose that Neolith® produced a special video explaining the highly important mission carried out by the Pepitamola Foundation in order to make its incredible work visible and encourage others to collaborate.