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Neolith presents its new Social Campaign with @Pepitamola

Pepita Sierra, better known as @Pepitamola (Pepita is cool) on her Instagram account, is a little girl who has already won over more than 200,000 followers at just three years of age.


When Pepita’s mother, Fabiola Arroyo Ozores, decided to open this account, she had no idea what a social impact each one of her publications narrating the day-to-day of a little girl with Down’s Syndrome would have. It’s that extra chromosome that makes them all so special and truly extraordinary!


It’s that extra courage, affection and tenacity her parents found themselves with, but also extra happiness: the happiness Pepita offers all of her family and all those who are lucky enough to be a part of her extraordinary life.


“I decided to create the account to spread social awareness and normalize Down’s Syndrome. I want everyone to see how normal her life is, how she’s just another sibling in the family and a happy child,” says Fabiola.

Extraordinary material for extraordinary times

When Neolith discovered Pepita, it was love at first sight. After all, Pepita is living proof of many of the values that define the company: family, humility, originality, perseverance, optimism and that tireless spirit to improve and continuously do better, celebrating “small - major” achievements day after day.


And that’s how Pepita became a Neolith brand ambassador. Because both she and the wonderful awareness work her mother, Fabiola, does are simply extraordinary. And that’s exactly what the brand is hoping to reflect with this campaign:


checkmarckPaying homage to Pepita, her mother and all the brave people out there who face life’s challenges with positivity, passion and determination. Highlighting people who grow despite adversity, stand up stronger each time they fall and take the world by storm.


checkmarckDoing our own bit to spread awareness and contribute to the social integration of people with Down’s Syndrome, breaking down all the stigma around them. Pepita is a happy girl who captivates everyone who crosses her path with her charm and charisma. What’s more, the Castellón-based company will donate a portion of its profits at the end of the year to the Pepitamola foundation, the primary aim of which is precisely to fight for the normalization and integration of people with different and extraordinary abilities like Pepita.


checkmarckShowcasing its extraordinary surfaces, which combine beauty and resistance (just like Pepita!) in different residential atmospheres where extraordinary moments happen day after day. Authentic, exciting, fun, memorable and relaxed moments around a lovely kitchen, dining room, bathtub, playroom or living room.


We wanted to begin including people in the residential spaces we use for advertising campaigns, to make them more welcoming and audience-friendly. And in doing so, we wanted to work with real people who would bring life to those spaces, people who would inspire friendliness as well as admiration, who would move our audiences because of their authenticity and originality” 



We also wanted to go one step further by running a campaign that would be more meaningful than just a mere image... Pepita symbolizes everything we believe in! And, what’s more, she’s extraordinarily irresistible.”