Marco Parizzi

Marco Parizzi

Neolith® specified by Michelin star chef Marco Parizzi

Neolith Marco Parizzi

Chef: Marco Parizzi
Restaurant: Parizzi
City: Parma, Italy
Colors:Zaha Stone

Surrounded by cultural landmarks and vestiges of classical Italy, Parizzi is no ordinary restaurant. An area steeped in antiquity, inspiration is abundant. To pay homage to the beauty of his establishment’s environment, Chef Parizzi specified Neolith® Zaha Stone in a recent refurbishment of his cookery school. Characterised by fine white veins etched in contrasting directions against a rich argent background, the stylish pattern brings the historic aesthetic of the architecturally rich setting indoors.

Zaha Stone’s rich smoky tones provide a sophisticated backdrop for every course. The gently mottled, silvery motif contrasts exquisitely with vibrant fresh ingredients of all colours.

Parizzi says: “Ultimately, we chose Neolith® because it is an exceptionally practical material. Our guests and clients have high expectations, so it’s crucial that we maintain our one Michelin star standards for the cooking school along with the other services we offer.”

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