Holger Stromberg

Holger Stromberg

Holger Stromberg has chosen Neolith Arctic White Silk for the kitchen worktops at his new restaurant KUTCHiiN and Campus Loft

Stromberg with Neolith® 11

Chef: Holger Stromberg
City: Munich (Germany)
Colors: Arctic White

Stromberg was born into a world of hospitality. From the small pub founded by his great-grandparents, which his father turned into a restaurant, one might say gastronomy is in Holger’s blood. At the heart of his approach is a passion for the very best natural ingredients.

Neolith® Arctic White Silk was chosen for the kitchen’s surfaces by Stromberg, and interior design firm SODA, for its ability to withstand high-impact activities and constant temperature fluctuation. Particularly, he was impressed by how a hot pan can be placed on the Sintered Stone without any effect on the finish.

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