Karlos Arguiñano

The Revolution in the Cooking World

Karlos Arguiñano

The Revolution in the Cooking World

Sophisticated and elegant describes Karlos Arguiñano’s new kitchen

Karlos Arguinano with Neolith® 1500

As the season changes, Karlos Arguiñano is using an all-new kitchen.
Elegance and minimalism as well as warmth are the predominating features of this new area that will accompany TV viewers throughout the 2018/2019 season.


NEOLITH® Calatorao is the starring model for the kitchen on the set. The dark base and shiny golden veins provide a touch of sophistication to dress up the immense piece of stone where Karlos prepares each recipe.

The same model was used for the island countertop, sink and some of the furniture as the great star in the entire area.

Pietra di Osso

On the other hand, the Pietra di Osso model with a stone-like design stands out because of the neutral tone. It’s a timeless color used to offer contrast and decorate the different kitchen surfaces for a touch of balance.

Allow yourself to be seduced by “Karlos Arguiñano en tu cocina” and the extraordinary properties of NEOLITH®, Monday to Friday at 1:15 p.m. on Antena 3.

Karlos Arguiñano presents his new outdoor kitchen with Neolith®

karlos arguiñano neolith outdoor kitchen

At 300 meters in altitude among country houses, vineyards and forests sites the Guipuzcoan municipality of Aia, home to Karlos Arguiñano’s outdoor television filming set. The new space marking the summer where he will continue to prepare delicious and even fresher recipes.

Outdoor Kitchen featuring NEOLITH®


For this season, two new NEOLITH® models launched in 2018 have been combined: Retrostone and Krater.

NEOLITH® Retrostone is integrated into countertops and paneling for all kitchen furniture. An elegant surface with an eye-catching close grain effect, inspired by the traditional terrazzo. The best version of this material returns in different applications, providing an attractive atmosphere, different to previous ones.

krater 1

Meanwhile the Krater model is used as cladding for kitchen furniture, on the front of the countertop, creating different volumes. Krater by NEOLITH® therefore pays tribute to the natural slate, standing out for its grayish design that contrasts the clear and light tones of Retrostone. Totally different designs that combine, providing strength and dynamics to the new kitchen space.

Once again, applications of Sintered Stone are shown in the same environment. As well as versatile, it shows great esthetics, being able to perfectly replicate designs of natural materials like terrazzo or slate in this case.

NEOLITH® is also resistant to high temperatures and UV rays and the color does not change when exposed to the sun which means it’s completely suitable for outdoor uses. It’s also completely suitable for cooking since it’s hygienic and waterproof, scratch-resistant and easy to clean.

Prior to this kitchen, NEOLITH® was used entirely in the interior kitchen of the TV set, combining a wide variety of designs and numerous applications. Also, in the first outdoor kitchen designed with Sintered Stone that was presented some months ago, in which a unique model was used for all applications.

Why NEOLITH® for a kitchen?

NEOLITH® is the innovative architectural surface that stands out due to its extraordinary properties as it is extremely resistant to scratches, high temperatures, chemicals and UV rays; meaning it may be used outdoors since it is produced with 100% natural raw materials, which guarantees it will remain unaltered with the passing of time. Plus, it’s highly stain resistant, with practically zero absorption due to its nearly 0% porosity.

Given the excellent technical characteristics, its extensive chromatic repertory and esthetic beauty, NEOLITH® was the material chosen by Karlos Arguiñano to design an all-new innovative and transgressive kitchen never before seen on television.

A whole world of endless possibilities opens up with the opportunity of creating highly attractive custom kitchens with unique and unalterable designs that reinterpret noble materials such as marble, stone, wood, metal and oxides as well as smooth, neutral and some more attention-grabbing colors.

It’s the ideal material to revolutionize the world of cooking. It all happens in that room in the house where people spend the most time and where there must be inspiration to cook in a functional yet esthetic atmosphere.

Thus, NEOLITH® has transformed the habitual kitchen concept for Karlos Arguiñano into a unique room through which he can enter viewers’ homes and invite them not only to see but also feel and enjoy a wonderful time as he cooks a delicious recipe each day with Neolith.

The Revolution in the Cooking World