Jordi Cruz

Jordi Cruz

Neolith® in Jordi Cruz’s kitchen

Neolith Jordi Cruz

Chef: Jordi Cruz
Restaurant: ABaC Restaurant&Hotel
City: Barcelona, España
Colors:Basalt Black

Jordi Cruz is the youngest Spanish chef to receive his first star. At the head of ABaC Restaurant&Hotel in Barcelona with 3 Michelin stars, he’s considered a reference in the Spanish culinary scene because of his “restlessly evolving cuisine based on the different products, creativity and tradition,” as defined by the chef himself.

In the kitchen at the renovated ABaC Restaurant, which is more than 200m2, Cruz and his team practice and prepare this signature cuisine on spacious Neolith® Basalt Black countertops. This dark-colored detail-filled material inspired by basalt stone is defined by the chef as “modern, versatile, technological and long-lasting”.

“Neolith is innovation and, at the same time, it’s got a look that represents a wonderful natural stone that I love,” he explains. “Since it’s got all those virtues we identify ourselves with, it’s a material we believe is super comfortable and with which we’re very pleased,” says Cruz.

And this is how Jordi Cruz creates, imagines, surprises and cooks with precision at ABaC Restaurant on an extraordinary, cutting-edge material fit for a great chef.

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