Jean Pierre Pastor

Jean Pierre Pastor

Chef Jean Pierre Pastor specifies Neolith® for new cooking school

Neolith Jean Pierre Pastor

Chef: Jean Pierre Pastor
Restaurant: Meltemi
City: Parma, Italy
Colors:Basalt Black

Jean Pierre Pastor opened his latest destination, Meltemi, in Northern Italy in early 2016. Named after and inspired by the northern winds of the Aegean Sea, there he sets himself apart from the local competition by offering a menu comprised strictly of seafood dishes.

Pastor’s appetite for quality cuisine is not restricted to cooking. Shortly after opening Meltemi, he expanded it to include a cooking school, to provide a creative space where the public can experience his passion.

While many professional kitchens opt for a mixture of the traditional steel and white, he has cultivated a warm, dark atmosphere, achieving a more tranquil ambience.

To complement the existing décor of neutral walls and deep grey cupboards, Pastor chose dusky Neolith® Basalt Black for the cookery school’s substantial worktop. In line with the current trend for inkier tones, the fine-grained igneous pattern has an enduring appeal that will see the culinary space adapt seamlessly to changing fashions and tastes.

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