Hans Van Wolde

Hans Van Wolde

Hans van Wolde, Neolith and Beluga Loves You

Hans Van Wolde

Chef: Hans Van Wolde
Restaurant: Beluga Loves You
City: Maastricht (Holland)
Colors: Estatuario Silk – Backsplash

Hans van Wolde, known for his haute cuisine restaurant, Beluga Loves You, which has been open since 1997 in Maastricht, was awarded a Michelin Star in 1998, which he held onto until 2005, when he was awarded two Stars. Since then, he has maintained those two Michelin Stars and continues to hold them today.

The Dutch chef has also been the Chair of the panel of judges on the television show MasterChef Holland.

Beluga Loves You stands out because of its sophisticated cuisine and exquisite service in a pleasant yet informal atmosphere where Neolith Estatuario in the Silk finish has been installed in a unique way. This faithful interpretation of the marble from Carrara dons the walls, countertops and auxiliary tables with its pure white and thick yet subtle veins in combination with other noble materials like wood and metal.

The Bookmatch effect offered by this model can be observed on the wall paneling of the restaurant Wine Bar where guests can sample the best selection of wines.

In the words of Hans van Wolde, “I found out about Neolith when I visited Spain and I just knew I had to have it in my restaurant, that I wanted to cook with it and I wanted to feel it.” It’s extraordinary material due to the high resistance to stains, scratches and high temperatures with a great design, which perfectly meets the prestigious chef’s needs.

Fusion cuisine, chic decoration, lovely music and an exceptional location in the elegant Céramique neighborhood, Beluga Loves You has become a real must-stop for all gastronomy enthusiasts.

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