Begoña Rodrigo

Begoña Rodrigo

Neolith® pairs with Begoña Rodrigo’s Nómada

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Chef: Begoña Rodrigo
Restaurant: Nómada
City: Aldaia (España)
Colors: Calacatta

Located near the sea in the province of Valencia, Nómada is bound by neither local convention nor tradition. On entering the restaurant’s threshold, visitors are met with surfaces decorated in contrasting, colourful and geometric patterns, statement lighting and illustrations of animals.

A striking central bar which surrounds and allows clear views into the kitchen boasts long stretches of eloquent Neolith Calacatta. With its pristine white background, the classic design provides a clean canvas on which to present gastronomic delights while its distinctive veining adds visual interest

Calacatta also delivers a hygienic and durable solution for the kitchen’s worktops and two central islands, extending the restaurant’s exquisite aesthetic into the culinary space.

In an establishment defined by international décor and flavours, the timeless motif brings together seemingly disparate elements to evoke an atmosphere that is at once exotic, modern and comfortable.

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