Find out about the great resistance and design of NEOLITH® kitchen countertops


Find out about the great resistance and design of NEOLITH® kitchen countertops

Neolith® in Jordi Cruz’s kitchen

Neolith Jordi Cruz

Chef: Jordi Cruz
Restaurant: ABaC Restaurant&Hotel
City: Barcelona (Spain)
Colors:Basalt Black

Jordi Cruz is the youngest Spanish chef to receive his first star. At the head of ABaC Restaurant&Hotel Hotel in Barcelona with 3 Michelin stars, he’s considered a reference in the Spanish culinary scene because of his “restlessly evolving cuisine based on the different products, creativity and tradition,” as defined by the chef himself.

Neolith® specified for the kitchens and washrooms at renowned Dutch chef’s latest restaurant venture

Neolith Herman Den Blijker

Chef: Herman Den Blijker
Restaurant: Goud
City: Róterdam
Colors:Calacatta Gold

Herman Den Blijker is one of the most recognised names in Dutch cuisine. The culinary mastermind behind celebrated restaurants including De Engel, De Jachtclub Hillegersberg, Zeezout, Rosso, Las Palmas and Hofstede Meerzigt, he is a chef worthy of celebrity status.

A larger than life personality, he was looking to deliver a truly original experience to diners at his latest establishment, Goud, in Rotterdam. Opened in collaboration with talented young chef Nick de Kousemaeker, he wanted to create a big impact interior which would be as bold and exciting as the cuisine.

Quim Casellas and the Hotel Casamar

chef quim casellas

Chef: Quim Casellas
Restaurant: Hotel Casamar
City: Llanfranc (Spain)
Colors:Nieve Silk, Iron Corten

The Hotel Casamar is a local reference in Llanfranc, Girona. This gastronomic institution, recognized in many places, is a family farm run by its owner Quim Casellas, whose culinary experience has earned the establishment's restaurant the most coveted award: the Michelin star.

Neolith® specified by Michelin star chef Marco Parizzi

Neolith Marco Parizzi

Chef: Marco Parizzi
Restaurant: Parizzi
City: Parma, Italy
Colors:Zaha Stone

Surrounded by cultural landmarks and vestiges of classical Italy, Parizzi is no ordinary restaurant. An area steeped in antiquity, inspiration is abundant. To pay homage to the beauty of his establishment’s environment, Chef Parizzi specified Neolith® Zaha Stone in a recent refurbishment of his cookery school. Characterised by fine white veins etched in contrasting directions against a rich argent background, the stylish pattern brings the historic aesthetic of the architecturally rich setting indoors.

Chef Jean Pierre Pastor specifies Neolith® for new cooking school

Neolith Jean Pierre Pastor

Chef: Jean Pierre Pastor
Restaurant: Meltemi
City: Parma, Italy
Colors:Basalt Black

Jean Pierre Pastor opened his latest destination, Meltemi, in Northern Italy in early 2016. Named after and inspired by the northern winds of the Aegean Sea, there he sets himself apart from the local competition by offering a menu comprised strictly of seafood dishes.

Award-winning chef Juan Amador specifies Neolith® surfaces for his latest opening

Chef Juan Amador and Neolith

Chef: Juan Amador
Restaurant: Amador Wirtshaus & greißlerei
City: Vienna, Austria
Colors: Beton

For two Michelin-starred chef Juan Amador, a career in cookery was not his first choice when he was growing up. In his words it “evolved over time”, maturing like a fine wine until his talent was identified and the merits of his cuisine recognised, “you start to get noticed and receive your first ratings.”

Neolith® pairs with Begoña Rodrigo’s Nómada

begoña rodrigo cover gourmet

Chef: Begoña Rodrigo
Restaurant: Nómada
City: Aldaia (España)
Colors: Calacatta

Located near the sea in the province of Valencia, Nómada Nómada is bound by neither local convention nor tradition.

Paco Pérez and Neolith in Miramar, 2 Michelin stars

Paco Perez Chef

Chef: Paco Pérez
City: Llançà, Girona (Spain)
Colors: Nero, Nero Marquina, Avorio

Miramar is the reflection of a family’s dream, a professional project that dates back to the year 1939, when it was just a humble beach hostel in Llançà (Girona). That was until 1984, when Paco Pérez married its owner and, together, they created the two-Michelin star restaurant it is known for today.

Kutchiin & Campus Loft by Holger Stromberg

Stromberg Chef Neolith

Chef: Holger Stromberg
City: Munich (Germany)
Colors: Arctic White

Holger Stromberg, one of Germany’s most original and visionary chefs and leading nutritionists, has chosen Neolith Arctic White Silkfor the kitchen worktops at his new restaurant KUTCHiiN and Campus Loft, his flagship event locations in Munich, Germany.

NEOLITH® Blanco Carrara in Anne-Sophie’s cute kitchen

Anne chef

Chef: Anne Sophie
City: Paris (France)
Colors: Carrara BC02

NEOLITH® Blanco Carrara BC02 Polished was the model chosen by prestigious French pastry chef Anne-Sophie Rischard for the kitchen countertops and backsplash in her Parisian apartment.

From the very beginning, the author of two cookbooks, winner of Le Meilleur Pâtissier 2014 and founder of the popular blog Fashion Cooking felt attracted to NEOLITH®. The finish and high-quality look made her want to use it to give a touch of style to her kitchen and the technical characteristics inherent to NEOLITH® also met the needs of a pastry-making professional like Anne.

Alessandro Borghese, Rock ‘n’ Roll Gastronomy

Alessandro Borghese Chef

Chef: Alessandro Borghese
Restaurant: Il lusso della semplicità
City: Milan (Italy)
Colors: Calacatta Silk, La Boheme, Carrara B01, Iron Corten and Nero Zimbabwe

For Italian chef Alessandro Borghese, cooking is the new Rock and roll. A colorful, fast-paced and dynamic industry of universal attraction which is highly demanding if you want to be successful.

Focusing on immense and intense flavors and natural ingredients (simply prepared), Borghese has become a cooking superstar not only in his native Italy, but also on the international scene.

Hans van Wolde, Neolith and Beluga Loves You

Hans Van Volde Chef

Chef: Hans Van Wolde
Restaurant: Beluga Loves You
City: Maastricht (Holland)
Colors: Estatuario Silk – Backsplash

Hans van Wolde, known for his haute cuisine restaurant, Beluga Loves You, which has been open since 1997 in Maastricht, was awarded a Michelin Star in 1998, which he held onto until 2005, when he was awarded two Stars. Since then, he has maintained those two Michelin Stars and continues to hold them today.

The Dutch chef has also been the Chair of the panel of judges on the television show MasterChef Holland.

Karlos Arguiñano chooses NEOLITH® to fit up his new kitchen

Karlo Arguiñano Chef

Karlos Arguiñano en tu cocina (in your kitchen) is starting off with a new season and also, a new kitchen where he will make all-new delicious recipes. For the first time ever, the well-known chef has chosen NEOLITH® to fit up his indoor kitchen on the set as well as the outdoor kitchen.

Beyond the kitchen countertops, Karlos Arguiñano and NEOLITH® have joined forces for this new season to take a step forward and revolutionize the world of cooking, fitting the different areas with the same material. And now this is possible with the great versatility, formats and thicknesses offered by Neolith Sintered Stone.


Zaha Stone is the starring model chosen to fit up the indoor kitchen where we see Karlos each day cooking on a greyish tone with mild white veins. It’s a contemporary reinterpretation of the Iranian Grey Stone and a model inspired by talented Zaha Hadid which comes in a Silk finish that features a very pleasant touch.

Albert Adrià’s Enigma Restaurant

Chef Albert Adrià

Chef: Albert Adrià
Restaurant: Enigma
City: Barcelona (Spain)
Colors: Custom color – Floor, walls, countertops

Albert Adrià’s ingenuity, together with the sensitivity of RCR Arquitectes and Neolith’s technology, have joined together to create an amazing gastronomic project that is truly spectacular in terms of gastronomy, design and innovation.

It’s a project NEOLITH® had the privilege of participating in – as one of the key parts – contributing its technology to achieve the desired design and final look for the long-awaited new Haute Cuisine project by Albert Adrià: Enigma.

Il cantiere di Sonia Peronaci

<strong>Chef: </strong>Sonia Peronaci
Chef: Sonia Peronaci
Restaurant: Il Cantiere
City: Milan (Italy)
Colors: Calacatta – Floor and Countertops

NEOLITH® was the material chosen by Italian architects Colombo Experience to design “Il Cantiere de Sonia Peronaci” in Milan (Italy). The all-new multipurpose area used by Sonia Peronaci – a well-known Italian chef, TV hostess, writer and blogger- for events and as a TV set to film some of her latest recipes.

In a view to combining the world of gastronomy with the world of architecture, the interior designers sought a balance between residential elegance and artisanship.

Cooking School at Chewton Glen

The Kitchen

The Kitchen is the new place to eat, create and cook. The Cooking School founded by popular TV Chef James Martin at Chewton Glen. The 5-star luxury hotel is located in New Milton (United Kingdom).

Essential aspects like the quality and design of the materials used were taken into account for this very special place in order to reflect the grandeur of the country house designed by Terence O’Rourke in collaboration with The Big Kitchen Company.

NEOLITH® Basalt Grey in the Silk finish was the material chosen to decorate the kitchen countertops, islands, backsplash, shelves and furniture as it comes in 12 mm thick and the large 3,200 x 1,600 mm format.

Neolith at Contacto Cocina

contacto cocina cover

The NEOLITH® kitchen line, NEOLITH® Kitchen Lounge, was chosen to be a part of an all-new gastronomy project: Contacto Cocina. The premises, located at Calle Oquendo 20 (Madrid), is meant to be a place for enthusiasts, foodies, gourmets and gastronomy professionals and entrepreneurs to meet, collaborate and interact. The new coworking project led by Chef Luis Centenera, Álvaro García and F. Javier Álvarez arose after seeing how “something is changing in the way cooking is understood and experienced”.

NEOLITH® Pietra di Piombo is the model used on the 4 countertops as well as the main one installed in the coworking area which is about 6 meters long. It’s a timeless stone-like color which stands out because of the dark gray tone, available in Silk finish, which can be perfectly combined with all other architectural elements offering this touch of balance.

Kevin Gillespie

Chef Kevin

Kevin Gillespie is an American chef, author and former participant in the reality TV show Top Chef. He is the former co-owner and executive chef of the restaurant Woodfire Grilla in Atlanta. After opening Gunshow, a restaurant in Atlanta, in 2013, he opened Revival, a restaurant in Decatur, GA, in 2015.

Gillespie reached the semifinals of the James Beard Rising Star Chef of the Year 2009 awards.

In 2013, he was named a finalist by the James Beard Foundation in the cookbook: American Cooking, Fire in my Belly.

On November 6, 2014, Gillespie received the GRACE Innovator Award by the Georgia Restaurant Association.

CIA, Culinary Institute of America at Copia

Culinary Institute

NEOLITH® joins efforts with the Culinary Institute of America (CIA) at Copia by supplying the surface for the presentation of the all-new Napa Valley Food and Wine.

Recognized for its durability and beauty in cooking and entertainment spaces, NEOLITH®, made by TheSize, has joined efforts with the new Culinary Institute of America (CIA) at Copia by supplying its top quality Sintered Stone. In collaboration with the distributor FM Distributor in San Francisco, the countertop was created for the bar and private dining area at The Restaurant at CIA Copia using the model Pietra di Osso from the NEOLITH® Fusion Collection.

CIA Copia, located in the heart of the lively district of Oxbow in Napa, officially opened in the fall of 2016 as the final Napa Valley destination to explore, experiment and enjoy the world of food and wine. The Restaurant at CIA Copia offers a unique opportunity for guests to try samples from renowned chefs as they share their creations from the kitchen to the table.

Sergio Puglia

Sergio Puglia

He studied at the University of Salzburg (Austria) where he did a master's degree in hotel management and gastronomy. Later, he worked in Argentina and Uruguay at restaurants like Luciano Federico and worked for Buquebús as the gastronomy director until 1993, the year he opened his own restaurant called Puglia Restaurante. He is also a professor of gastronomy at ITHU (Hotel Technical Institute of Uruguay) in addition to being one of the directors and founders.

For more than 25 years, he has been hosting the TV program “Puglia Invita” on channel 10.3 in Uruguay where he uses the NEOLITH® Calacatta Bench. The project designed by La Agencia was recognized with the prestigious A’ Design Award – Platinum Prize in the Furniture Design category in Milan (Italy).

Iglesias Brothers, Bobo Pulpin

Bobo Pulpin

Chef: Iglesias Brothers
Restaurant: Bobo Pulpin
City: Barcelona (Spain)
Colors: Iron Ash and Iron Blue – Floor, Calacatta – Countertop

The restaurant-owner Iglesias brothers have committed to an all-new fun gastronomy experience: Bobo Pulpín. It’s a traditional yet modern octopus restaurant with traditional tapas from Spain and the rest of the world as well as a vermouth bar as a spin off of Casa de Tapas Cañota.

The firm Sánchez Guisado Arquitectos chose the NEOLITH® Iron Ash and Iron Blue models to do the flooring. The Calacatta model was also applied to one of the countertops at this very special restaurant which also features the participation of Ferran Adrià.

Federico Mugnani

Mugnani Neolith

Federico Mugnani is a young chef who graduated from the hotel and restaurant school “De Filippi” and from a very early age has had a passion for cooking which has only gotten stronger.

After 5 years of hard and intense studies at the hotel and restaurant school where he had the opportunity to work with some renowned chefs like Silvio Battistoni, Costantino Di Claudio and Osvaldo Presazzi, among others, he began developing his own idea of “food” mainly with very well-researched, studied and developed ideas based on organic products and the Slow Food concept. He is particularly interested in developing dishes based on traditional recipes yet changing the different cooking techniques, seeking specific products and re-presenting the same recipe in a more attractive way with his own personal distinguishing touch as he is capable of thrilling diners’ palates.

Photos: Mugnani Francesco

Estimar, Rafa Zafra

Chef zafra

Chef: Rafa Zafra
Restaurant: Estimar
City: Barcelona (Spain)
Colors: Pulpis – Flooring

Rafa Zafra was born in Seville and began developing his love for Andalusian cuisine at just 16 years of age. After training and working at prestigious Michelin star restaurants throughout the country and abroad such as Tristán, Aldebarán, Arzak, Arnolfo, La Antica Tratoría, Calima and La Terraza del Casino, he returned to Seville to become the Head Chef at La Hacienda Benazuza and collaborator of elBullihotel where he was able to maintain the two Michelin stars and 2 Repsol Guide Suns.

After that, he continued working with the Adrià brothers on different gastronomy projects until the end of 2016, when he inaugurated his most personal project: ESTIMAR. His restaurant, located in Barcelona, was opened to transmit his love for the Mediterranean and pay homage to all the delicacies of the sea.

Confusion Porto Cervo, Italo Bassi

Chef Italo Bassi

Chef: Italo Bassi
Restaurant: Confusion
City: Porto Cervo (Italy)
Colors: Calacatta Gold – Wall, Countertop, Floor

A popular Italian chef who was Head Chef of the 3-Michelin star restaurant, Enoteca Pinchiorri in Florence, for 22 years. He is currently the owner and chef of Confusion Verona, Bassi’s culinary concept that combines haute Italian cuisine and Japanese culinary art.

Italo Bassi recently inaugurated Confusion Porto Cervo in the most exclusive part of the Emerald Coast. A gastronomic meeting point between modernity and tradition where Neolith Calacatta Gold was integrated in a spectacular way in the wall paneling, counter and flooring to create a place that reflects the different aspects of his personality by combining contrasting materials.

Dueños de la Cocina

Dueños de la cocina
NEOLITH® can be found on the television program “Dueños de la Cocina” broadcast by Telefé.

The all-new cooking reality show in Argentina in which NEOLITH® Iron Corten was chosen as the main material for the contestants’ preparation surfaces.

Each week, 16 participants compete to become the top chef in order to win the opportunity to own their own restaurant with various competitions judged by a prestigious panel made up of Narda Lepes, Donato De Santis and Christophe Krywonis.

Alinea Madrid, Grant Achatz

Alinea madrid

Chef: Grant Achatz
Restaurant: Alinea
City: Madrid (Spain)
Colors: Belgian Blue – Countertop and Island

An American chef who has won a number of prizes from prestigious culinary institutes, he is one of the leaders of molecular gastronomy or what is also known as “progressive cuisine”.

His 3 Michelin Star restaurant ALINEA moved from Chicago to Madrid to offer a unique gastronomy experience for European haute cuisine enthusiasts from January to February 2016.

The purpose of this great project was to completely transfer the restaurant to the Hotel NH Collection Eurobuilding so diners could have the opportunity to enjoy a real gastronomy and architectural journey through time much like a 3-star NEOLITH® restaurant.

Mostrador Santa Teresita, Fernando Trocca

Fernando Trocca Neolith

Chef: Fernando Trocca
Restaurant: Mostrador Santa Teresita
City: José Ignacio (Uruguay)
Colors: Estatuario (Polished/Silk) – Tables, Avorio – Countertop

A renowned Argentinian chef and one of the most famous around the world. He was the owner of El Diamante in Buenos Aires and Llers and Vandam, Industria Argentina in New York. Currently, he is the owner of the restaurant Sucre in Buenos Aires and Mostrador Santa Teresita in Uruguay, as well as the Executive Chef for the international company Gaucho.

He has also participated in well-known television programs, demonstrating his eclectic and novel proposals combining traditional, homemade cooking with a very gourmet style.

Pastamore, Ennio Carota

Chef Carota

Chef: Ennio Carota
Restaurant: Pastamore
City: Santiago de Chile
Color: Iron Copper – Dishes

An Italian chef, host and businessman, Ennio Carota has earned a Michelin star. After several years working as an Assistant Chef at Chianti Cucina in Los Angeles, he opened his own restaurant in Santiago de Chile in 2012: Pastamore, a small Italian trattoria.

Due to his experience, wisdom and charisma, he is currently a member of the Panel of Judges for the well-known television program, MasterChef Chile. At the same time, he is preparing the opening of his new gastronomy project in La Dehesa.


Neolith en Gasma

GASMA is the all-new Gastronomy and Culinary Management Campus in Castellón (Spain) located in a natural environment where training based on both disciplines is offered so future chefs may understand all the secrets to cooking as well as become restaurant industry business owners.

Quique Dacosta, Paco Torreblanca, Susi Díaz and Ricard Camarena, among many others, as well as the best maîtres and sommeliers are part of the GASMA training team.

GASMA is an ambitious gastronomy project in which NEOLITH® has had the opportunity to collaborate as it was applied to countertops, bar counters and kitchen carts because of the extraordinary characteristics inherent to Compact Sintered Surfaces. The models NEOLITH® Basalt Black and NEOLITH® Arctic White were the colors chosen for this project which will soon be expanded to create a restaurant complex in the middle of nature where Neolith will also be integrated in different places.

Dos Palillos & Dos Pebrots, Albert Raurich

Dos Palillos Neolith

Chef: Albert Raurich
Restaurant: Dos Palillos & Dos Pebrots
City: Barcelona
Colors: Pulpis – Countertop

Michelin Star Chef and famous Chef of elBulli Restaurant, Albert Raurich is recognized by his fusion of the Asian and Spanish cuisine. Dos Palillos is his restaurant in Barcelona open since 2008. The place where he finds his creative lab.

His new gastronomy space in the capital city will be inaugurated very soon: Dos Pebrots. It’s a different kind of proposal where diners will be taught the different culinary techniques used to make the delicious Mediterranean recipes served.

Narda Lepes, Argentina

Narda Lepes

A famous Argentinian chef, hostess and author of various publications.

Her modern, practical and easy cuisine invites people to cook in a fun and relaxed way on the different television shows she participates in and hosts. The same goes for the books she writes in which she always promotes wellbeing and a healthy lifestyle.

Narda Lepes has participated in a number of cooking events in Argentina where she has chosen NEOLITH® as the starring material on which to make her practical recipes, like at the 2015 Masticar Fair or cooking classes taught at the prestigious hotel in Rosario, Ros Tower.

She’s also demonstrated each of the extraordinary technical characteristics of Neolith kitchen countertops in the various videos showing the Chef cooking very diverse recipes on the material. This material will also be used at her new gastronomy premises.

La Prova del Cuoco | NEOLITH® returns with Antonella and her delicious recipes

La prova del cuoco

La Prova del Cuoco is a well-known television program that has been broadcast since 2000 on the Italian national channel, RAI 1. NEOLITH® is collaborating with the new 2015/2016 season.

The television program hosted by famous hostess, Antonella Clerici, features renowned chefs offering their opinions of families and young talents from different Italian restaurants competing by preparing the same dish in different styles.

With collaboration from Endemol Italia – Teatro 2-Cinecittà and Domus Marmi, NEOLITH® is again present on Rai1 this year in the design of a spectacular bench.

NEOLITH® by TheSize and Antonella Clerici work shoulder to shoulder on this new edition of the program “La Prova del Cuoco” which will be broadcast each day on the Italian national channel one.

NEOLITH® Gastronomy Guide

NEOLITH® Gastronomy Guide

TheSize, the company that produces NEOLITH®, had the opportunity to dive into the wonderful world of Mediterranean gastronomy alongside Escuela de Hostelería Cap de L’Aljub during the different production sessions carried out to bring life to the “2014 NEOLITH® Gastronomy Guide”.

This Gastronomy Guide was written for two purposes: On the one hand, to support and spread awareness for young rising talents in Mediterranean gastronomy in addition to promoting the “Spain” brand and take this product to other markets given that it is synonymous to a guarantee for quality in gastronomy and architecture.

On the other hand, to inspire future owners of a NEOLITH® countertop to be innovative and creative in their new kitchens by encouraging them to delight their guests with succulent and attractive recipes and surprise them with the design and resistance of NEOLITH® countertops.

This time, Quique Dacosta collaborated with TheSize in writing the Prologue to the “NEOLITH® Gastronomy Guide, Young Mediterranean Authors One”, where he highlighted such important values as dedication, perseverance and hard work in this sector.

Azurmendi, Eneko Atxa


Chef: Eneko Atxa
Restaurant: Azurmendi
City: Larrabetzu (Biscay)
Material: Basalt Grey – Auxiliary Furnishings

Eneko Atxa, a native of the Basque Country, Spain and Chef at the restaurant Azurmendi, has become a leader in international cuisine after his restaurant became the first to be awarded 3 Michelin stars between 2007 and 2012, respectively.

He reflects such magic that the secret of this international recognition lies in how his acute mind never stops creating using his skillful hands and his deep understanding of working with speed, precision and care.

The restaurant Azurmendi, which is located in a privileged setting in Larrabetzu (Biscay), is the name of Eneko Atxa’s gastronomy complex which has won 3 Michelin stars.

Andrea Tumbarello

Andrea Tumbarello

Italian Chef Andrea Tumbarello, the owner of the one Michelin star and two Repsol sun restaurant Don Giovanni located in Barcelona, Madrid and Marbella (Spain), is known for his traditional Italian haute cuisine and immense collaboration with different media outlets.

In the purest “Italian mafia” style, Andrea Tumbarello and his team complete a single mission in this entertaining video: verifying the extraordinary technical characteristics of Neolith kitchen countertops by subjecting it to different resistance tests and finally giving it absolute approval.

Ricardo Sanz

Ricardo Sanz

Spanish Chef Ricardo Sanz, the holder of four Michelin stars, is known for his Japanese-Mediterranean cooking style which he offers at his Kabuki restaurants: two in Madrid (one of which is located on the ground floor of Hotel Wellington right on the Golden Mile), one in Abama (Tenerife) and another in Marbella.

Ricardo Sanz is one of the Chefs who have most contributed to the evolution of gastronomy in Spain by breaking down barriers and fusing Japanese techniques with Spanish products to such extent that each of his four restaurants have been recognized with a Michelin star.

Ricardo Sanz tests the Neolith worktop while he prepares a dish of sashimi directly on the worktop, proving he is at the top of his millenary cuisine.

An instructional video that compares the characteristics of Japanese cuisine to those found in the material. The art of combining raw materials and technology.