Find out about the great resistance and design of NEOLITH® kitchen countertops


Find out about the great resistance and design of NEOLITH® kitchen countertops

Neolith Nonna Paperina

Tiziana Colombo, popularly known as Nonna Paperina, is one of the most recognisable faces in Italian cuisine and has been working in the world of food intolerances for over 30 years. Originally inspired by her daughter’s allergy to milk proteins.

Neolith Jordi Cruz

Jordi Cruz is the youngest Spanish chef to receive his first star. At the head of ABaC Restaurant&Hotel in Barcelona with 3 Michelin stars, he’s considered a reference in the Spanish culinary scene because of his “restlessly evolving cuisine based on the different products, creativity and tradition,” as defined by the chef himself.

Neolith Herman Den Blijker

Herman Den Blijker is one of the most recognised names in Dutch cuisine. The culinary mastermind behind celebrated restaurants including De Engel, De Jachtclub Hillegersberg, Zeezout, Rosso, Las Palmas and Hofstede Meerzigt, he is a chef worthy of celebrity status.

A larger than life personality, he was looking to deliver a truly original experience to diners at his latest establishment, Goud, in Rotterdam. Opened in collaboration with talented young chef Nick de Kousemaeker, he wanted to create a big impact interior which would be as bold and exciting as the cuisine.

chef quim casellas

The Hotel Casamar is a local reference in Llanfranc, Girona. This gastronomic institution, recognized in many places, is a family farm run by its owner Quim Casellas, whose culinary experience has earned the establishment's restaurant the most coveted award: the Michelin star.

Neolith Marco Parizzi

Surrounded by cultural landmarks and vestiges of classical Italy, Parizzi is no ordinary restaurant. An area steeped in antiquity, inspiration is abundant. To pay homage to the beauty of his establishment’s environment, Chef Parizzi specified Neolith® Zaha Stone in a recent refurbishment of his cookery school. Characterised by fine white veins etched in contrasting directions against a rich argent background, the stylish pattern brings the historic aesthetic of the architecturally rich setting indoors.

begoña rodrigo cover gourmet

Located near the sea in the province of Valencia, Nómada is bound by neither local convention nor tradition. On entering the restaurant’s threshold, visitors are met with surfaces decorated in contrasting, colourful and geometric patterns, statement lighting and illustrations of animals.

Paco Perez Chef

Miramar is the reflection of a family’s dream, a professional project that dates back to the year 1939, when it was just a humble beach hostel in Llançà (Girona). That was until 1984, when Paco Pérez married its owner and, together, they created the two-Michelin star restaurant it is known for today.

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