Enigma’s project’s flooring and cladding.

Enigma’s project’s flooring and cladding.

Something Enigmatic is happening...

The genius of Albert Adrià, the sensitivity of RCR Arquitectes and the technology offered by NEOLITH® have come together to develop a magnificent gastronomy project which is truly spectacular in terms of Gastronomy, Design and Innovation.

It’s a project NEOLITH® had the privilege of participating in – as one of the key parts – contributing its technology to achieve the desired design and final look for the long-awaited new Haute Cuisine project by Albert Adrià: ENIGMA.

The renowned team of architects RCR – the winners of the 2017 Pritzer Prize – was responsible for designing and creating a multidisciplinary space based on a series of surreal premises that capture the main aim of ENIGMA: to surprise and ensure an unprecedented enigmatic experience you can discover below.

Albert Adrià: A Gastronomy Laboratory

A Catalan chef and pastry maker, the brother of prestigious chef Ferran Adrià; Albert has 3 Michelin stars (Tickets, Pakta and Hoja Santa), 5 Repsol Suns (3 Tickets, 1 Hoja Santa, 1 Pakta) in addition to several other acknowledgements for his work. Albert Adrià is considered to be a creative genius when it comes to new dishes. In 2015, he was recognized as the Best Pastry Chef in the World by Restaurant magazine which publishes the prestigious list of the top 50.

El Bulli, Inopia Classic Bar, Lolita Taperia, Tickets, 41º, Pakta, Bodega 1900, Niño Viejo, Hoja Santa and Heart are the names of some of his well-known restaurants. Now, with ENIGMA, Albert has completed his avant-garde gastronomy proposal in Paralelo (Barcelona) where most of his restaurants are located - in the area already known as “Adrià District”.

albert adria

RCR Arquitectes: The Design

RCR Arquitectes is the Creative Architecture Workshop founded by Rafael Aranda, Carme Pigem and Ramón Vilalta which was recently awarded the 2017 Pritzker.

They continue to find inspiration in bringing feelings and spatial experiences to man in public and private places without any particular specialization yet with their own perspective of natural beauty. It’s abstract poetry with the attributes of nature as the focal point as reflected in such well-known work as the restaurant Les Cols, the Tussols-Basil athletics stadium and Alberca and the outdoor areas at “La Vila” in Trincheria, which are all products of their genius.

RCR also has a multidisciplinary work team with their own partners of the likes of Pau Llimona, one of the firm’s most habitual architects and a fundamental part of the creation of the ENIGMA concept.

enigma architects

NEOLITH®: The Technology

Born in the last decade, NEOLITH® is part of a new and revolutionary product category known as Sintered Stone, designed and produced by TheSize, aimed at meeting more demanding architectural and design needs.

The Sintering Technology TheSize has developed to create NEOLITH® replicates the process by which stones are naturally created over a period of thousands of years in just a few hours as the raw materials comprising it are subjected to very higher pressures and temperatures. All of this, along with the development of a new and revolutionary digital printing technology known as NDD (Neolith Digital Design) which exponentially increases the design and finish possibilities with a great wealth of details, leads to completely personalized decor which perfectly replicates the original design planned.

The result of the whole process is a large-format Sintered Stone of minimal thickness with physical and mechanical characteristics never before seen in the world of architecture.

The attractive designs and high-tech features make it the ideal material for an endless number of interior and exterior uses in businesses and private homes such as flooring, walls, countertops, facades, tiling and furniture.

enigma the technology

enigma the technology 2

Enigma Concept: The long-awaited result

This is the name of the all-new gastronomy proposal from Albert Adrià on which he’s been working for the last few years to implement his dream: ENIGMA.

To make it come true, Albert contracted RCR Arquitectes to fully create his restaurant in order to bring life to the 700 m2 multidisciplinary premises.

It’s a place for experimentation and was quite the challenge for NEOLITH® as a key part of the design and production of all the paneling in each room, flooring and even countertops and oven hoods as well as part of the bathroom and club decor. The design began as a watercolor created by RCR which NEOLITH® was able to make real by working hard to replicate the completely personalized design on the slabs with connotations of colors, intensities, cuts and special effects, all combined with the rest of the materials and decorative elements such as the furnishings and lighting used.

For NEOLITH®, it was a project of unprecedented technical difficulty which marked a turning point in the company’s history as each one of the slabs used for the restaurant flooring are different yet fit together like a puzzle to represent the watercolor over the entire restaurant floor.

For this adventure, Albert has a young team of expert professionals led by Oliver Peña, Cristina Losada and Marc Álvarez, who bring a unique experience to a maximum of 24 diners per daily dinner service full of surprises. The menu is quite the enigma and begins as soon as you step through the large door situated on calle Sepúlveda which is accessed using a booking code.