Neolith Top Fabricator 2017

Neolith Top fabricator 2017

National Edition

Winning project: XOCÓ HELADERÍA Y CAFETERÍA | Architects Rodríguez Martín & Villa Alonso Arquitectura Interior and Mármoles Lentijo,
Location: Valladolid, Spain.
Distributor: Espacio Pro

Brief description:
The original idea was to create a continuous space to install the ice-cream shop point of sale and the café area, with material gradually nuanced to define each of the areas.

The light at the premise highlights the materials used like the oak wood and marble, represented by the Neolith Calacatta model, the versatility of which made it possible to use the same material for the floors, walls, monolithic bars, bathrooms and furnishings. These solutions would have been impossible with conventional marble.

On a technical level, the countertops really stand out. The long monolithic bars, where you can really see the different edges, create quite a play on volume. The work done to create a place that transmits tradition and artisanry yet with a very modern design was quite complex.

International Edition

Winning project: ROMA SKYLINE | Micunco Stone Design
Location: Altamura, Italy
Distributor:Domus Marmi

Brief description:
This project represents the skyline of the city of Rome in an effort to reflect the eternal city’s beauty in material as innovative as Neolith®.

Taking advantage of the infinite potential of Neolith®, its combinations and characteristics, completely different models were used as far as the finishes and colors. The Pulpis model in the Polished finish was combined with the Strata Argentum model in the rugged Riverwashed finish to panel different areas of the stand to create a spectacular result.

Plus, all the individual elements of the paneling were engraved into the Neolith® slab so everything would be homogeneously integrated. The 6 mm thickness was used for this purpose.

The level of mechanization detail reached is incredibly high due to the technical complexity, which successfully fulfills the initial objective planned.