My Neolith Project 2017

My Neolith Project

National Edition

Winning project: ESPAI PARÍS | Meritxell Ribé and Josep Puigdomènech: ESPAI PARÍS | Meritxell Ribé y Josep Puigdomènech

City: Barcelona, (España).

Location: Barcelona, (Spain).

Brief description:

Neolith® Beton in Silk finish was used in two rooms in this studio, which was conceived as a personal yet multipurpose area for use as an art gallery and for events.

Outside, the use of Neolith® can be observed in the custom-designed kitchen with a 4 cm thick countertop. Inspired by material highly valued in architecture like concrete, Neolith® Beton fuses with the use of the wood, indirect lighting and a large-size mirror on the opposite side to create a theatrical and very visual atmosphere all while adding a subtle industrial style.

Large custom pieces of Neolith Beton were used in the main office for the tiling and were combined with textile linen paneling on all walls to create a warm and slightly natural atmosphere.

International Edition

Location: Toronto, Canada
Distributor: Marble Trend

Brief description:
Ricarda’s Restaurant is located in Toronto and features large areas such as the restaurant, café and bread shop, wine area and the show-cooking kitchen. The design is inspired by Milan’s coffee shops where long-lasting natural materials such as brass, wood and marble are used. Therefore, the Neolith Calacatta model was used in the Polished finish for all the restaurant countertops and bars used as furniture in addition to the tables where the diners sit.

Inspired by the best marble slabs from Carrara, this Neolith model offers a design with a very well-distributed and uniform grey vein all along the slab. The greyish mesh with subtle hints of gold lies on a bright white background. It’s a design that has won a number of prizes such as a Red Dot Product Design Award and the Muuuz International Award 2015, among others.

Thus, Neolith Calacatta is the star material in this sophisticated restaurant with a spectacular look and immense contrast.