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Paco Torreblanca

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Paco Torreblanca

Paco Torreblanca

Neolith® Gourmet: Paco Torreblanca

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Chef: Paco Torreblanca
Restaurant: Torreblanca School
City: Petrer, Alicante
Colors:Sofia Cuprum

Paco Torreblanca is one of Spain’s most recognisable culinary stars, a celebrated pastry chef with a large number of awards and accolades to his name. This includes being named Europe’s best pastry chef earlier in his career and designing an iconic cake for the royal wedding between King Felipe VI of Spain and Letizia Ortiz.

His pioneering approach has transformed modern Spanish cuisine. His attitude towards pastry work, summed up succinctly in his motto, ‘see, observe, think’, has inspired professionals across the hospitality industry to push boundaries to achieve gastronomic excellence.

In the kitchen of his celebrated pastry school Escuela Torreblanca, located in Alicante, Spain, the master chef educates the next generation of pâtissiers, who are all looking to emulate his considerable skill.

Choosing the correct worktop is essential when working with pastry. It needs to be ultra-smooth, waterproof and highly resistant to force and heat. Equally, it needs to be hygienic and easy to clean. Having tested a number of different materials, Torreblanca discovered Neolith®, which he felt delivered the high-performance attributes he was looking for, while also possessing individual and attractive aesthetic qualities.

He specified Neolith® Sofia Cuprumacross all the worktops and islands in the school’s kitchens. Torreblanca felt the pattern evoked Neolith’s seamless balance of form and function, providing the perfect surface on which to create sweet masterpieces as well as offering a visually interesting contrast to the rest of the kitchen’s interior.

I love my profession and I’m a huge fan of great products, sourcing the best chocolate and the best fruit for my culinary creations. Above all, I’ve chosen to work with the very best material: Neolith. In my opinion, it’s unique. It’s a material that allows you to work with precision, handling extremely hot or cold ingredients with no effect on surface at all. It’s super-hard, so you can shred, cut and chop without damaging it.
Since I always work with the best materials, I chose Neolith because it’s fundamentally essential for any pastry maker in any bakery or kitchen because it’s simply the best.

Commenting on his decision to specify Neolith, Torreblanca says

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