NEOLITH® Catalogs and Brochures


NEOLITH® Catalogs and Brochures


2018 Kitchen Lounge Catalog

2018 Skin Catalog

Skyline 2018 Catalog

2018 Skyline North America Catalog


New Products NEOLITH® 2018

NEOLITH® Sink Catalog

NEOLITH® Art Gallery 2018

NEOLITH® Gallery Catalog

Piattibelli Catalog

NEOLITH® Tiny House Brochure

Technical Manuals

Technical Manual for Kitchen Countertops

North American Technical Manual for Kitchen Countertops

Cladding and flooring Guide

Manual for Facades

North American Manual for Facades

NEOLITH® Manual for Finishes

Polished Finish Manual

Skyline HC Manual

Skyline VM Manual

Strongfix System Manual

Kitchen Countertops Edging

Usage Guides

Posters Training NEOLITH®

Mounting Guide Sinks

Cleaning and Maintenance Neolith® Guide

Cleaning and Maintenance Guide for Polished Finishes

Technical data sheets

Neolith® Technical Datasheet Summary

Neolith® Sinks Technical Datasheet

Neolith® Sinks Technical Datasheet Inches

ASTM 3 mm Technical Data Sheet

ASTM 3 mm Plus Technical Data Sheet

AKEMI Cleaning Data Sheet and Warranties

AKEMI Cleaning products NEOLITH®

Piattibelli Warranty

Facade Warranty

Non-slip Warranty