Neolith®, the material chosen for the IV Centenario of Brazil project

An innovative surface, perfect for a luxury home

Architect Ricardo Rossi chose NEOLITH® Compact Sintered Surface to rehabilitate the IV Centenario project - a luxurious residence in São Paulo (Brazil).

The Iron Copper model was the color selected to represent the rusted copper for contrast, strength and movement versus the greys and whites used in the rest of the home’s decorative elements to create a very attractive look as a whole.

In addition to the esthetic qualities, the durability of Neolith® was one of the many technical characteristics Ricardo Rossi had in mind when suggesting the material.

To this end, the architect explains: “We wanted a resistant surface that would remain intact over time and resist the wear that occurs normally within family atmospheres”.

The Iron Copper model was integrated with the Satin finish which is completely matte. The choice of this finish for a residential project even further fosters the degree of resistance in the material given the surface hardness.

Hygienic, easy to clean and 100% natural and recyclable, Neolith® also offers great versatility in that it can be applied to such diverse spaces as the kitchen, living room and other areas of the home as well as the exterior which is another feature that was very much taken into account for the IV Centenario project.

According to Rossi, “the properties of Neolith® made it so the panels could be applied to different rooms throughout the house, fully trusting in that the paneling material had the features that best adapted to the functionality of this setting in particular.”

Neolith® Iron Copper was also used on the facade of the home since it is a surface that is resistant to high temperatures and UV rays and, therefore ideal for the hot climate in Brazil.

Rossi observed that “Given the open nature of the ground floor layout where the outside connects to the inside of the living room, it was important that the paneling material would not deteriorate when exposed to the sun and extreme temperatures.”

On the other hand the null water absorption of Neolith® and resistance to the chemical cleaning agents used in the home’s pool area (such as chlorine and other products) means the material will not be affected and will always remain intact.

Neolith® also stands out because of its lightness at just 7 kg/m² in the 3 mm thickness (recommended for tiling) and 30 kg/m² in the 12 mm thickness when used for kitchen countertops. This aspect, along with the various sizes of the material (including two large 3,200 x 1,500 mm and 3,600 x 1,200 mm formats in addition to custom measurements), were other reasons for choosing NEOLITH® from the very beginning as a very attractive solution for this project.

“The ability to cover large areas with few panels as well as the lightness of NEOLITH® only offered benefits as far as the installation, timing and cost savings,” says architect Ricardo Rossi.

“Besides satisfying the client’s wishes by presenting a cutting-edge residential design concept, Ricardo Rossi Arquitectura e Interiores also promotes the use of sustainable materials and prescribes environmentally-friendly materials like Neolith® whenever possible.”

It was because of all these distinctive characteristics that Neolith® was chosen by the renowned Brazilian architect as the architectural surface to decorate this spectacular residential rehabilitation project.

NEOLITH: Design, Durability, Versatility, Sustainability

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