Hotel La Quinta, Texas

Hotel La Quinta, Texas

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New Hotel La Quinta image

Neolith creates the new image for Hotel La Quinta in Texas

ARCHITECTURE FIRM: Mayse & Associates
OFFICIAL NEOLITH DISTRIBUTOR: Holland Marble (Houston, Texas – USA)

Because first impressions count, Hotel La Quinta Inn & Suites in Texas (USA) decided to renovate its design upon a change in management when the new generation took over. So, they set up a design contest to help them get an initial idea of the all-new image for their renovation project. To define the appearance and new esthetic concept of the hotel, NEOLITH® was chosen to panel the outside for a fresh look.

After the design contest, the company sought the experience of the interior design firm 5G Studio to design the prototype called “Del Sol”. Honoring its name (from the sun), the interior designers selected bright colors for the outside with unique and distinctive shapes and textures. The architecture firm Mayse & Associates began collaborating after the project was defined, playing a decisive role in the choice of material that would bring life to the new hotel concept designed.

“La Quinta wanted the new design to have a contemporary look like its competing hotels,” says Roger Sotelo, an architect from Mayse & Associates.“With 3 El Sol hotels in operation, 18 under construction and 62 under development, our challenge was ensuring the material used could handle the different climates in each region all while meeting the needs of the owners of La Quinta and those of the interior designers from 5G Studio.”

With a long “checklist” to fulfill, the architects looked for architectural solutions that wouldn’t sacrifice the fundamental elements of the original design. Following a long process, Mayse & Associates chose ceramic tiling as the main material but quickly saw how they were unable to produce the exact color nor had enough technical support to guide the architects during the installation process. After the bad experience, Holland Marble (the leading supplier of natural stone products in Texas) suggested using a Compact Sintered Surface as an alternative. Several studies later, the design and construction teams coincided in determining NEOLITH® was the ideal material for this project.

Made by TheSize, NEOLITH® is a very versatile material that can be used for commercial or residential interiors as well as exteriors. Comprised of natural materials, the slabs are created using Sintering Technology. The highly technical process consists of subjecting the raw materials to extremely high pressures and temperatures, replicating the process by which stones are naturally created over a period of thousands of years in just a few hours. The result obtained is a light product that is resistant to fire, graffiti, UV rays, scratching and water which makes it the ideal options for exterior uses as it can bear any weather. Besides its durability and design, unique colors were created to decorate the facade for this project with NEOLITH®. Holland Marble also provided the necessary technical support for the installation process.

“The entire team responded for the very beginning to all our concerns. NEOLITH® as well as Holland Marble were exceptional throughout their collaboration and the execution of the design concept,” says Sotelo. “NEOLITH® was willing to work with La Quinta to get the exact colors from the prototype designed.”

The model Iron Corten by NEOLITH® was the color inspiring them as they defined the customized tone that would bring life to the new facade. The lovely metallic tones and natural textures give it a unique look. Thus, NEOLITH® was the only material capable of creating a special color to achieve the desired appearance for La Quinta: a combination of esthetic quality and contemporary design.

Because it comes in a large format and is light and easy to handle, NEOLITH® is the perfect material as it can be adapted to any project needs. Cement glue was used to install the large-format 6 mm slabs. The major advantage of using material like NEOLITH® is that it can be used in areas with a lot of moisture since it is resistant and impermeable with a near-zero absorption level in addition to being inorganic which prevents the appearance of mold.

La Quinta needed a new design for its El Sol project which coincided with the brand integration on the exterior and interior. NEOLITH®, a pioneer in the sintered surfaces industry, was capable of providing this esthetic and resistance integration as well as successfully combining the brand’s distinctive elements with the architecture and pure geometric lines. And that was how NEOLITH® earned the trust of the entire team who were free to create their dream design.

NEOLITH: Design, Durability, Versatility, Sustainability

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