Neolith will be present at SICAB, Seville

For the second consecutive year NEOLITH® will be present at the International Horse Show.

SICAB, the transversal event that welcomes thousands of visitors to enjoy the equestrian exhibitions featuring the best riders in the world.

From SICAB 2017, Neolith® participates in this prestigious event in which a number of participants can appreciate and enjoy the extraordinary properties of the Sintered Stone.

Desde el 13 hasta el 19 de noviembre NEOLITH® estará presente en el Pabellón de los Ganaderos dando a conocer las diversas aplicaciones que ofrece la Piedra Sinterizada en kitchen countertops and Bathrooms, wall coverings, pavement or furniture and ventilated facades.

During the celebration of SICAB, NEOLITH® will feature the collaboration of the well-known Chef Daniel del Toro, Master Chef contestant. The perfect occasion to enjoy the spectacular showcookings made by it, testing the resistance of the NEOLITH® countertops.

Memories of SICAB 2017