Neolith® en televisión junto A Bocados

The TV program A Snacks meets 300 programs!

The most fun cooking program on the grill, by Euskal Telebista, continues to conquer Basque homes with their originals recetas de cocina, your consejos nutricionales and its fun tricks and challenges. Conducted by chef Ander González and dietitian Gabriela Uriarte, the television program in which Neolith®® It is present in the form of kitchen countertops, sheds very good audience data for the first season, and aspire to much more.

What role does Neolith® play?

The A Bocados team chose a kitchen countertop Neolith®® to develop all your recipes and creatives. The selected color was Aspen Grey, a matt gray stone, which is inspired by the natural stone of Aspen. It is distinguished by the endless number of microelements randomly distributed throughout the piece, guaranteeing depth, brightness and character.

Beyond the unmatched aesthetics provided by the different table formats provided by Neolith®, it has been possible to demonstrate its resistance program after program, in which the countertop has been put to the test with different tricks and treatments.

Characteristics of Neolith®

  • The durabilidad de la encimera Neolith® It is given by its technical characteristics. its resistencia a las altas temperaturas that allows to place hot containers or to fly directly on its surface without this changing its design.
  • Its hardness also allows no se raye. In various programs you can see how it can be cut directly on the Neolith® surface without damaging the countertop.
  • Another very important point to highlight is what Easy to clean After using the countertop you only need a cleaning product that we usually have at home and a cloth. The countertop will be clean and ready for its next use.

Neolith®, a great choice by the team of A Bocados that every day test the characteristics of our material and are delighted, as they comment in the following video:

The family of A Bocados continues to grow, on both sides of the screen. Every day they comb the Basque geography looking for the curious stories that hide the different farmers, fruit growers, confectioners, farmers or fishermen. And they are also the most notable speaker of the hotel industry, from the most traditional to the most avant-garde.

But 300 recipes know little, and while Gabi learns to cook and Ander discovers keys on nutrition, they already set themselves the goal of preparing 300 more.

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