Coquetes Family

Neolith® is writing a new chapter for the Coquetes Family

The Sintered Stone brand decks the kitchen of this popular #instafamily

Neolith® is the material the Coquetes Family chose when building their new home. The family is made up of Verónica Díaz and Javier Castillo , along with their two kids.

She’s a fashion influencer and the creator of the well-known YouTube channel JustCoco , which boasts nearly a million subscribers and has led her to writing a book called “Cientos de miles de millones de sonrisas” (Hundreds of Thousands of Millions of Smiles). It was a bestseller in Spain in 2018.

He’s a successful author who decided to leave his career four years ago as a Finance Consultant to turn his dream of becoming a writer into reality. His dream quickly came true thanks to “The Day Sanity Was Lost”. The book with which Javier came onto the literary scene was first published by Amazon and later became a worldwide phenomenon. He now has four best sellers, all published by Suma, which has consecrated him as one of the best suspense writers ever.

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In addition to tasting the sweet flavors of success professionally, together they have created the account @familiacoquetesoficial where they share their adventures as parents with the entire “Coquetes” community as one of the most popular social media families.

In line with their famous lifestyle, they were absolutely sure they wanted top-quality materials when building their new house in Malaga (Spain).


Besides spending time together, the Coquetes Family (@familiacoquetesoficial) loves having guests over and enjoying a good time with great friends. That’s why they were looking for a multi-purpose area to work, relax and play in the kitchen, the heart of their home.

In order to achieve this, Javier and Verónica decided to design it themselves with pure lines that would transmit natural and simple elegance... the perfect place for their family life.

A practical, hygienic and safe space. With two kids, Verónica and Javier wanted a child-friendly design style which would also be attractive and cozy.

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A Multi-Purpose Space

The couple decided to build a space that would connect to the kitchen, the living room and dining room as well as a spacious area where guests could sit or the kids could play while Verónica and Javier participate in the fun all while cooking in a stylish and modern place with an open-floor plan.

Neolith Familia Coquet 09

So, the kitchen area was divided into three sections: a place for laundry and storage, a place for cooking and sitting down to eat and another place to socialize in a relaxed atmosphere, better known as the “coffee corner”.

Neolith Familia Coquet 00

Design and Minimal Maintenance

They sought products that would be compatible with their vision of a kitchen as a social place yet which would be loaded with character and personality. This was particularly important when choosing the kitchen surfaces which needed to withstand the daily rigors of their culinary activities, as can be seen through their social media accounts.

We wanted a natural stone look for the kitchen without the limitations and maintenance these materials normally require. With two young children, we also needed to use safe, low-risk materials which could be easily cleaned and maintain high-levels of hygiene. Neolith provided a 360° solution.

Neolith Familia Coquet 03

Endless Sensations

Calacatta SilkOne of Neolith’s most popular models, was used for all the kitchen’s main worktops, including a striking central island. There, the material is applied seamlessly both on the top as well as the sides much like a waterfall, turning it into the focus of the entire space and perfectly blending in with the white and sandy pink furniture.

Neolith Familia Coquet 04

The “coffee corner” is a cute area with an auxiliary table where people can get a coffee. The interior is cladded in the same model as is used on the countertop and island. It’s a nod to Javier’s passion for this beverage.

On the other hand, the couple chose the Zaha Stonemodel for the laundry area. This dark grey surface with white veins contrasts with Neolith® Calacatta, which is the featured model in this well-known and close-knit Malaga family’s kitchen.

Neolith Familia Coquet 02

Our friends and family always talk about how lovely the Neolith surfaces are when they visit and are amazed at how easy it is to clean. For us, it’s the ultimate surface in every way, able to stand up to everything Verónica, the kids and I can throw at it!

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Images provided by the Coquetes Family.