Neolith® en Pamplona

Neolith® en Pamplona

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Neolith® specified for Milan-inspired apartment

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Pamplona, a city of heat and passion, is the backdrop for one of Neolith®’s latest projects.

Set in the heart of the Spanish city, the new residence from leading Spanish architectural practice, ILMIODESIGN, used the pioneering Sintered Stone brand for multiple surfaces in the property. The overall aim to evoke the style and sophistication of a contemporary Milanese mansion flat.

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Andrea Spada and Michele Corbani (ILMIODESIGN founders), combined the highest quality natural materials in a variety of colours and shapes, with carefully curated Italian furniture to create a sensible, balanced space.

Choosing the very best materials and furniture was crucial to the success of the project. In this regard, Neolith was the perfect partner.

Andrea Spada and Michele Corbani - ILMIODESING

This elegant and harmonious home incorporates the Sintered Stone artfully throughout its interiors, juxtaposing Calacatta Silkstatement walls with polished oak floors, creating a pleasant vein on grain effect.

Apartment reform was a labour of love for us, a homage to our love of Italian design.

Andrea Spada and Michele Corbani - ILMIODESING
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Neolith® Calacatta was also used extensively across other rooms. In the kitchen standout features included a cantileved kitchen island and undercounter sink specified in the material, in addition to worktops and splashbacks.

Both bathrooms feature the popular pattern, book matched to offer another interesting visual element.

The shower cubicle also contains a Piattibelli shower trayExclusive to the Neolith® range, it showcases the fabrication potential of this material and how it can be cut to create a seamless, one-piece drainage system.

The level of design detail coupled with the surface’s superior performance qualities made for the perfect fit. On an abstract level, we also felt Neolith embodied the similar forward-thinking, energetic and restless approach found in Italian design, always on the move, always striving for excellence.

Andrea Spada and Michele Corbani - ILMIODESING
Neolith Pamplona ppal 05

We also love the way Neolith establishes a measured dialogue with the rest of the elements in the room, complementing the furnishings, never over-dominating but maintaining a character all of its own. It’s a very special, versatile material, exuding luxury and rarefication, it has helped us to create a small pocket of Milan in Pamplona.

Andrea Spada and Michele Corbani - ILMIODESING

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