La Dolce Vita in Città Eterna

Neolith Private Residence Rome

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La Dolce Vita in Città Eterna

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Neolith® helps deliver eternal elegance throughout luxury residence in Rome

When leading architects Roberto Bassignani and Stefano De Vecchis were asked to create a design concept for a sixth-floor apartment in central Rome, Il Fascino Dell’Eleganza, the client had a highly specific, overall vision.

Principally, they wanted to create a natural looking space space that would simultaneously pay homage to the city’s classical architecture but also reference the clean lines and monochrome colours of contemporary design.

This meant the materials used in the construction would need to be 100% natural whilst also reflecting the client’s idiosyncratic requirements.

For the architects, it was the start of a fascinating design journey which would ultimately lead them to specifying Neolith for all the project’s surfacing requirements.

Marble had initially been considered as it’s both a natural stone and synonymous with the architecture of the local area. Its relative expense, however, particularly for the scale of the project, and low resistance to wear and tear ruled it out.

Bassignani and De Vecchis consulted stone specialist Domus Marmi Srl, who introduced them to Neolith, a market-leading brand of Sintered Stone.

As the architects explain, “When we first saw Neolith, we were immediately drawn to the finesse of the detailing. It really looked like authentic Carrara and Nero Marquina marble. We immediately overcame our initial challenge of finding a high resistance, marmoreal-effect surface.”

Bassignani and De Vecchis

Modern times

The colour scheme was an important consideration. “We worked with the clients each step of the way,” the architects explain, “taking them to Domus Marmi’s depot to choose appropriate colours to match their taste. They were captivated when they saw the full slabs and also impressed with Neolith’s CLASSTONE range, particularly the true-to-life veining found in the Estatuario patterned surfaces.”

The interior was planned on a grand scale, with the dimensions of traditional Italian palazzo apartments in mind. Bassignani and De Vecchis worked closely with fabricator Rocco Contaldo of Artistic Posa Srl to deliver rooms which were spacious and airy, allowing for the maximum amount of natural daylight to flood into the home.

Neolith Private Residence Rome 1
Neolith Private Residence Rome 2

Open plan

Neolith’s distinctive Estatuario Polished in 6mm chosen for the expansive living room and, subsequently, for the floor and wall cladding in every room throughout the residence.

The brilliant white of the slabs, shot through with extraordinary grey veining, gave the interior an original, distinctive look.

According to Bassignani and De Vecchis, “The beauty of working with Neolith is that it has an unrivalled degree of flexibility and, through careful cutting and shaping, we guaranteed the desired effect of organic continuity of the veining.”

To deliver the essential elements of contrast andoffset the polished Estatuario, dark grey Pietra di Piombo was chosen. With a soft, silky finish it created points of differentiation when placed in tandem with the white, marble-effect surface.

Furthermore, lighter Pietra di Luna Silk was chosen for the balcony, complementing the other colours used for the flooring while establishing a distinction between indoor and outdoor areas.

The Roman Baths

For the main bathroom, the client’s decision to specify Nero Marquina Polished as the principle surfacing material was immediate. Entranced by the shine of the slab, the rich depth of colour and glossy smoothness of the finish, they envisioned it as the antithesis of the dominant Estatuario, and as such the perfect pattern to offer a surreal, monochromatic contrast.

Tobacco brown Pulpis Polished was used for the guest bathroom. Its gentle, warm tones create a refined and sophisticated look, fostering a relaxing atmosphere. As the architects highlight, “When you enter this space, it’s like stepping into a work of art. Every single element has been designed with Neolith in mind.”

Neolith Private Residence Rome 3
Neolith Private Residence Rome 4

Finally, the last bathroom, intended for children, was envisaged with a low-impact palette in mind. Pietra di Luna Silk and Lava were chosen to create a cleaner, more homogenous space. A completely different environment to the rest of the property, it further added to the overall concept of colour contrasts.

“We could not have achieved such a singular and imaginative look without Neolith. Both Domus Marmi and the Neolith team were incredibly helpful throughout the process and their input helped us achieve brilliance.”

Neolith® Private Residence Rome