Visible mechanical fixing

This system is comprised of a self-supporting metal structure for ventilated façades designed to support ceramic tiling in different formats and thicknesses. It was developed for Neolith façades based on a visible mechanical fixing system comprised of supports, vertical T- or L-profiles and safety clamps to which the tiling is attached.

The vertical T- or L-profiles are levelled using supports or spacers. The complete levelling depends on whether the profiles coincide exactly with the joints between the boards, correcting possible deviations in the inner layer of the tiling façade.

The clamps used to support the structure described are situated on Neolith boards as well as in a grooved area where the adhesive is applied to provide the system with immense security.

Technical sheet Skyline VM

Ficha Técnica VM - USA

System properties

The system is comprised of support squares, vertical profiles and clamps to support the tiling.

With these squares, it is possible to ensure the proper levelling of the vertical profiles by correcting small deviations in the original façade to be tiled.

To ensure the stability of the system, a line of elastic adhesive is placed all along a vertical T-profile.

This elastic adhesive enables the proper assembly of the pieces to improve the system's reaction to wind pressure or suction and loads.

The possible vibrations caused by these forces are also absorbed by this adhesive.

Finally, the clamps are secured to the vertical profiles with stainless steel self-perforating screws so Neolith pieces can be quickly and easily replaced

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