Mixed hidden grid system

STRONGFIX is a longitudinal mixed (chemical and mechanical) hidden profile system which works due to the pressure created by the system in the rear of a Neolith board.

These tiles are industrially mechanized with a longitudinal profile on the upper and bottom parts. The STRONGFIX system enables central mechanizations on the back of a piece for cases where, due to the dimensions of a piece, they are required on the back of a tile with a double groove and a 45 degree angle (like a dovetail) where two aluminum profiles are inserted and fixed with MS adhesive putty to secure Neolith tiling.

These metal profiles create the mechanism for hanging tiles with added benefits as removing and replacing pieces with this system is very simple.

The system is comprised of vertical aluminum profiles which support squares. With the squares, the aluminum profiles may be installed in completely flat Ts to correct any possible deviation on a façade which needs to be covered.

The panels are secured by hand to a horizontal profile with a longitudinal mechanical fixing system comprised of two aluminum fixing profiles.

ICC Certificate

Neolith®, has received certification from ICC Evaluation Service LLC (ICC-ES) that its patented StrongFix System for ventilated façades complies with the provisions of the 2018, 2015, 2012 and 2009 International Building Codes® (IBC) and International Residential Codes® (IRC). The recognition represents a significant validation of Neolith® as a safe, robust, sustainable and easy to specify solution for exterior cladding applications in North America. To achieve certification from ICC-ES, Neolith®’s surfaces had to undergo a number of structural regulatory tests. These measured important characteristics such as non-combustibility, wind and water resistance, fastening integrity and resistance performance of the StrongFix system.

Over the last decade, Neolith® has become an increasingly popular choice for ventilated façade projects due to its low maintenance, anti-reactivity, inherent strength and relative light weight when compared to other cladding systems. Commenting on the news, Neolith® Marketing Director Mar Esteve Cortes says: “This accreditation represents a landmark for Neolith as a tested and trusted brand of façade solutions. It vindicates our proprietary StrongFix system as a hard-wearing and safe method for cladding applications. Our hope is that this confirmation will encourage more architects, technicians, specifiers and contractors to consider Neolith for their next build.” To read the full ICC-ES report click here.

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