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Neolith® Vintage Kitchens

Vintage kitchens, a unique style from the past.

Vintage style kitchens are rooms with a special touch. The key to this type of decoration is in the old details normally from the 1970s, 80s and 90s although many times even dating back to the 1950s. Since this style is really “in”, many brands feature new products like household appliances in their catalogs which reproduce old furniture with a retro feel that perfectly fit into vintage kitchens.

As far as the colors used in a vintage kitchen, both flamboyant and vibrant ones are quite characteristic as are gentler pastel type hues to contrast with neutral ones like black and white. Neolith® has a wide range of colors that perfectly match with all these colors to make your kitchen absolutely spectacular. What’s most important about this type of decoration is bringing harmony to all the elements in the room.

There’s no reason to give up on white in a kitchen with an infinite number of combinations possible to achieve a vintage white kitchen like installing a white countertop and central island, enhancing the kitchen furniture with a brighter color to give it that vintage touch while using a neutral color in the flooring like natural wood to also give it a bit of a country look or a light grey to offer serenity.

Vintage style is a unique design with bits of nostalgia upon remembering past times. It’s very peculiar in that the personality of the room is reflected in a very powerful and extravagant way meaning it’s important to choose all the colors and decorative elements well.

Neolith® is available in different formats and thicknesses which makes it ideal for any kitchen surface such as countertops, kitchen tables, cabinets, flooring and wall tiling. The only limit to its many applications is one’s imagination.

It’s important to feel comfortable in a functional kitchen without having to worry about whether certain actions with the kitchen utensils or agents may affect your kitchen or damage the surfaces. Neolith® is resistant to high temperatures, scratching, stains and the chemicals found in cleaning products which makes it the ideal material for an area in the house as important as the kitchen.

Dare to use color and create your vintage kitchen with Neolith®, which will bring unbeatable characteristics.

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