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Neolith® Modern Kitchens

Elegance and simplicity combined in a modern kitchen.

The kitchen is one of the spaces that have experienced the most development and change over the years. Functionality has taken on a very important role when it comes to designing a kitchen, a room that now has a rather outstanding role as far as usage. At a time when kitchens are places to meet with visitors and family, the trend is to foster the cook’s participation with diners in an open kitchen allowing excellent vision of the space with a central island, peninsulas or kitchen bars that divide the space without cutting off vision between the two areas.

Modern kitchens are designed to make cooking as easy as possible, adapting to the consumer’s ergonomics with very geometric and clean shapes as well as immense storage space in the kitchen furniture. The elegance of this style is also based on the little or zero ornamentation in the area with just color and simplicity. Such is the case that knobs and glass cabinets are often not used so the inside of the cabinets stay out of view.

A modern kitchen facilitates the dynamic and functional spaces so the task of cooking is as simple as possible. Neolith® is resistant to scratching and high temperatures meaning there are no worries the countertop will be damaged with the use of stainless steel knives or kitchen torches directly on it.

The look is very important for this type of kitchen and, therefore, Neolith® is the ideal material due to the large format for flooring as the minimum number of seams means you can create a resistant and elegant floor.

The color range applied to a modern kitchen is rather diverse; however, straight lines are always combined with neutral colors to make the space more elegant. Combining a powerful color like red at the top of the kitchen in the cabinets with a neutral color like white, black or grey for the kitchen islands and countertops is the perfect way to create a modern and daring style that offers contrast. Neolith® has a great variety of models that perfectly combine for this kitchen style from smooth and flat colors to designs with textures and relief imitating natural materials.

An American-type island kitchen is a trend in modern kitchens as this style offers great functionality and light in the kitchen even in small kitchens since the spaces are open and connect to the rooms next to the kitchen. This look is very much used and typical is modern kitchens as it adds appeal and more perceived space.

Neolith® offers an endless number of options for creating a modern, long-lasting and functional kitchen that adapts to each consumer’s needs and design preferences.

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