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Kitchens with Neolith® Islands

Neolith® islands you’ll fall in love with

In recent years, kitchens with a central island have become quite “in” due to the immense functionality they bring to a kitchen. Having an island is always an interesting way to increase the useful surface area in your kitchen and take advantage of all the space. This allows great flexibility as far as storage.

An American or open-plan kitchen features an island as the main element which separates atmospheres without closing them off. This means the dining and kitchen areas are visually connected which fosters communication between both areas of the home.

The essential thing about a kitchen island is for it to have built-in storage space to have all the kitchen utensils needed on hand. Due to the minimal thickness, Neolith® is the perfect material for kitchen furniture paneling. Your drawers and cabinets will be perfectly integrated with the rest of your kitchen as well as resistant to almost any external agent that could damage them. If you position the extractor hood over the kitchen island, you can take even better advantage of the storage space on the side walls.

A kitchen always needs the largest possible surface to cut food and Neolith® offers a complete seamless countertop for this purpose. Since it’s resistant to scratching, you can use the entire countertop and island surface to cut your ingredients directly on them. And it has zero porosity meaning the material is hygienic and completely suitable for cooking and preparing ingredients directly on it.

One of the most tedious actions when you finish cooking is cleaning. Neolith® is resistant to chemical cleaning agents meaning it won’t harm the countertop or island. It’s also worth noting that since it absorbs no waste or food remains, you normally just have to wipe it down with a damp cloth meaning cleaning the countertop is so much faster and easier.

Neolith® has more than 50 models available in different collections to suit each customer’s style. It doesn’t matter if you prefer a modern, country, classical, minimalist or vintage kitchen, it adapts to any kitchen decoration or design.

Natural light is a very important factor in a kitchen not only because of the atmosphere it generates but also the energy savings. Neolith® is resistant to UV rays meaning direct light on it has no impact as the material is 100% natural and will always remain intact and just like new; the color will not fade and the material will not be damaged.

Kitchen islands foster communication with other people in the home as they can sit around it and it creates a feeling of unity by being able to see each others’ faces and interact better.

Neolith® is also the ideal material for flooring since it’s resistant to heavy traffic. Since it comes in a minimal thickness, Neolith® is perfect for wall and cabinet paneling as well as dining room tables to achieve complete kitchen integration using a single material and design as you can get the countertop and kitchen cabinet paneling in the same model and with unbeatable resistance.

Neolith® is the ideal material for any kitchen design!

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