Neolith #StayAtHome

In light of the current situation, at NEOLITH®, we wanted to start this initiative to inform, entertain and maybe get you to smile! through handpicking the good and creative actions born in these uncertain times. As Albert Einstein would say:

"Creativity is contagious, pass it on".

Week #11

Quarantine Culture


Many of us have probably wondered how our quarantine would be, if we had our fantasy house. Remember “It’s not the size of the house. It’s how much love is inside”

neolith stayathome s11 01 300x199


How would cinemas adapt? We are still hopeful that the magic of the big screen isn't going to vanish. Check out the new FAB cinema concept, where the audience participate in the movie.

neolith stayathome s11 02 300x200


Since we cannot actually go globe-trotting, we decided to share with you a guide on how soup may be the best way to see the world from the kitchen. 30 soups from 30 countries.

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Neolith Community

This week Neolith® launches the gratitude to all the healthcare personnel, by dedicating a video to their courage and commitment proven during these long weeks. A tribute to the heroes who continue to be the front-liners in the fight against Covid-19.

The canoeist, double Olympic champion and three-time world champion, Saúl Craviotto, prepares with his daughter a breakfast for the champions: homemade doughnuts, prepared on his Neolith® Estatuario

neolith stayathome s11 401

Neolith Tertulias de andar por casa 300x199

Another week and another conversation. We continue to analyze the challenges that Architecture, Interior Design and Urbanism will face after the Covid-19, from the A&D point of view.

From Spain and Italy, we conversate on how to redesign public spaces, narrated by great voices and experts in the field.

Healthy News

The new dress code

Inditex, the Spanish multinational group of textile manufacturing has been praised for its fast strategy adaption against Covid-19. One of the newest campaigns is by Bershka, advertising models with face masks to establish the new normality.

Design and protection at restaurants

French designer Christophe Gernigon shares with us a proposal of protective capsules made of plexiglass with a dimension of 80x70 cm. A stylish solution to guarantee the rules of social distancing while people are eating and drinking.

We explain how to disinfect your Neolith® countertop Let´s take you through a few steps with a short video.

Weitere Informationen >>HIER.

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Corona Memes

By now, week 11, you should be up to date with all the memes online related to the situation. We come back to you with more! Turn that quarantine frown upside down. Just for fun!

neolith stayathome s11 05

Talk about Creative!

Burger King Germany has launched a campaign to guarantee safety in its establishments: a new version of its large cardboard crowns. For all those who want to get one, the chain has shared a guide on how to do it on their Facebook account.

A new and original way to ensure that diners follow the social distancing rules.

Week #10

Quarantine Culture


In Coronavirus times, drive-ins boom. We may already enjoy movies on a big outdoor screen, right from inside our cars, in compliance with the social distancing regulations.

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Usually taking place in May, fans of free comic books and exclusive editions of vinyl albums, singles and CDs will have to wait longer than expected, to be determined in the summer.

stayathome S9 2 300x175


With summer just around the corner, nothing is more appetizing than refreshing cocktails. You might want to take note of these 21 summer drink recipes, for your Zoom cocktail hours.

stayathome S10 3 300x169

Neolith Community

This week Neolith® launches the second part of its renovations campaign, through a new video which reminds and invites us to renovate that part of our house, where we do not feel comfortable at. Now more than ever, after having spent so much time confined, those corners call for a remodel.

Colombian chef Pedro Fernández (@thechefisback) takes the wheel this week in our weekly #ICOOKATHOME recipes, delighting us with a Caribbean grilled squid ceviche full of Mediterranean and citrus ingredients. A typical taste from the Colombian coast. Fresh, tasty and easily prepared on Neolith®.

Neolith Tertulias de andar por casa 300x199

We continue with our virtual gatherings connecting different parts of the world. Countries like Uruguay have joined this enriching initiative launched weeks ago by Neolith®. Italy, The Netherlands, UK and China will join the conversation very soon, in their local languages ​​for maximum engagement in their community of architects, interior designers, designers and artists, stay tuned!

Healthy News

Does the virus live on paper?

Does coronavirus live on paper and can you catch it from newspapers? This may vary under different conditions. Read what the WHO explains.

Vitamina D

There is a “D” in Covid-19. Some studies show that Vitamin D supplementation is associated with an lower incidence of respiratory tract infections.

We explain how to disinfect your Neolith® countertop Let´s take you through a few steps with a short video.

Weitere Informationen >>HIER.

stayathome S10 4

Corona Memes

We show you some of the best tweets on the long awaited return of the German football team: Bundesliga , after the break caused by the pandemic. With the kick off, many fans, commentators and jokesters have stirred social media.

stayathome S10 5

Talk about Creative!

Photographer Erin Sullivan has missed traveling so much that she has recreated miniature landscapes during self-quarantine at home.

A series of original and realistic sets that she has been sharing on her Instagram account, @erinoutdoors, a true example of letting imagination run wild.

Week #9

Quarantine Culture


The home office became a major part of our lives, and the last weeks have highlighted the importance of remote platforms. Let's discover together some of the best productivity-boosting apps.

stayathome S9 1 300x170


In Coronavirus times, when will travel recover? The million-dollar question. Will our vacations be more like those of the seventies and less like the great trips that we have become accustomed to?

stayathome S9 2 300x175


Many of us wonder how some of our favorite restaurants will be after the Covid-19. The restaurant industry will see a new reality. We discovered a glimpse of the changes that await us.

stayathome S9 3 300x180

Neolith Community

This week we want to pay tribute to all those chefs who have awakened our senses and made us live unforgettable gastronomic experiences. Today we recall some of those special moments that very soon, we will enjoy together again.

THANK YOU for your magic at the kitchen.

Our friends from Restaurant Cremor (A must visit and taste to many of the clients who visit the Neolith® factory) have also joined the Neolith® initiative, #ICOOKATHOME, preparing a simple recipe made on a large Zaha Stone bar.

Neolith CIOU Rebel Wilson 03 rev 300x200

For the fourth time, Neolith® has appeared once again, in a new episode of the HGTV show, 'Celebrity IOU', with the brothers Drew and Jonathan Scott, alongside Hollywood actress Rebel Wilson.

A collaborative project with Neolith®'s distributing partner in Anaheim, California, Ollin Stone; where the Basalt Grey model has been chosen to clad the spa pool.

Neolith Tertulias de andar por casa 300x199

We analyze the challenges that Architecture, Interior Design and Urbanism will face after the Covid-19, in spaces such as offices, hotels and restaurants. From Colombia, Spain and Mexico, we continue one more week, chatting with experts about the new challenges to try to configure this new reality.

Healthy News

Going to the beach. Is it safe?

As the days get longer, sunnier, and warmer, it’s no surprise that people are longing to head to the beach. What can we do to share beaches while social distancing? Is it safe to visit a beach during the corona virus pandemic? How to visit the beach responsibly if it´s open?

Wardrobe purifier

Pura-Case is a wardrobe purifier designed by Carlo Ratti, which uses ozone to purify clothes from viruses and bacteria, allowing users to hang up to four pieces inside the case where an air purification system cleans and deodorizes the fabrics.

We explain how to disinfect your Neolith® countertop Let´s take you through a few steps with a short video.

Weitere Informationen >>HIER.

stayathome S9 5

Corona Memes

In the spirit of sharing some laughs with you, we found 19 of the funniest beauty-related coronavirus memes. Hopefully, these spark some joy for you too. Just for fun.

stayathome S9 6

Talk about Creative!

Today, although 7.8 billion athletes aren't playing together, we're all answering the call to play for the world, a spirit that's commended in Nike's global campaign that encourages people to 'play inside' to 'play for the world'.

Week #8

Quarantine Culture


Podcasts are great for numerous reasons: they can be entertaining, informational and somewhat easy to multitask while you listen to them. Here´s a list of recommendations by DigitalMarketer.

stayathome S8 1 300x169


Feeling worried or lacking inspiration these days? Relax while watching some of the best architectural documentaries to binge while in self-isolation. illustrArch prepared a selection of trailers to help you decide!

stayathome S8 2 300x165


To spark the imagination of children during the lockdown, Foster+Partners invites kids to design their own city, by creating a paper skyscrapper or drawing trees & sharing the #architecturefromhome initiative.

stayathome S8 3 300x169

Neolith Community

Neolith® launches a new campaign "Home, sweet home", aimed at all those people who are thinking of remodelling their home and kicking off this long awaited renovation, or those who have re-imagined every corner in their houses during the lockdown.

This week, Chef Erşan Yılmazjoins the #ICOOKATHOME with Neolith® initiative, taking us on a virtual tour to Turkey, as he prepares an appetizing traditional black sea food recipe, on a Neolith® Iron Moss countertop.

stayathome S8 4 300x269

Neolith® was featured on a brand-new home makeover HGTV show. Hosted by Drew and Jonathan Scott of ‘Property Brothers’ fame, ‘Celebrity IOU’ helps Hollywood A-listers express their deep gratitude to the individuals who have made a major impact on their lives, gifting them an incredible renovation of their house.

Neolith® appears in 3 episodes of the season. The first one with the comedic actress, Melissa McCarthy, in a stunning kitchen made with Blanco Carrara, and a Zaha Stone fireplace. In the second episode of the award winning actress Viola Davis, Neolith® Arctic White elegantly dresses the kitchen countertops, while the Calacatta model is choosen for the office furniture. Finally, in the latest episode starring singer and songwriter, Michael Bublé, Neolith® was the material choice for the kitchen and living rooms, with a diverse selection of colors as Estatuario, Beton and Iron Frost and Basalt Black.

stayathome S8 5 284x300

Neolith CIOU Michael Buble case3 300x202
Neolith HGTV Show case1 300x220

Neolith Tertulias de andar por casa 300x199

One more week, Neolith® continues with its second round of virtual gatherings by great professionals from the fields of Architecture, Interior Design and Art, to analyze culture from a social distance and discuss challenges that we may face. Stay tuned, in the upcoming weeks more countries will join the conversation such as Mexico, Italy and China.

From Spain, professionals from the Architecture sector such as Lucía Ferrater (OAB), Jens Richter (EstudioHerreros) and Héctor Ruiz, as well as Interior Design professionals as Carmen Baselga; have all joined our conversation about the changes that residential spaces are expected to witness soon. The gathering is led by Cristina Giménez.


This week the entire Neolith® team has gradually started to rejoin the offices, practicing the appropriate security measures, and using the masks sentby our partners in China, TechSize and TheSize APAC(Distributor and Branch).

To further express our appreciation, we wanted to make a short video to share some images of our team wearing the masks.

This week we want to highlight the initiative of COAC (College of Architects of Catalonia) together with architects as Santi Gasull (Garcia Gasull Arquitectes), who have contributed since the beginning of the pandemic to a good cause, creating masks made of plastic / screen. In total, more than 650 protection visors have already been printed, assembled and delivered to nursing homes, medical centers, hospitals and pharmacies in Cervera (Lleida), Tarragona and Barcelona.

Healthy News

How to disinfect a delivery package

We must be careful when receiving a package at home. This video guides us through the cleaning and disinfection protocol to take into account step by step.

Air purifying mask

Atmoblue is a smart and portable air purifier, created years ago and now reborn once again, as it can be used as a respirator that blocks 99.97% of bacteria, smoke or contamination.

We explain how to disinfect your Neolith® countertop Let´s take you through a few steps with a short video.

Weitere Informationen >>HIER.

stayathome S8 6

Corona Memes

8 weeks later, humor is undoubtedly the best tool to face this difficult situation.

Therefore we continue collecting the best memes that have emerged on social networks and that have brought us a smile.

stayathome S8 7

Talk about Creative!

"Art of quarantine" is the name of the campaign launched by the Ukrainian Ministry of Culture and Information Policy, to promote the basic rules of quarantine and personal security.

They do this by using some of the classic pieces of art, giving them a new look adapted to the current situation, and showing practices on how to stay safe and flatten the curve of Covid-19.

Week #7

Quarantine Culture


Nowadays, we are experiencing changes in social behavior. After years of trying to live up to the hype, the lockdowns could see the 'reality' firmly put into virtual reality. Could VR be an option for telework?

Neolith Stayathome S7 1 300x200


As the effects of Coronavirus continue to influence many aspects of our daily lives, the airline industry is investigating how it can make provisions for safe travel. To leave the middle seat empty or to reverse it, that is the question.

Neolith Stayathome S7 2 300x200


Stay Home Virtual Tours Agency is a non-profit platform created to raise funds and fight COVID-19; inviting you to travel from your living room. You just have to choose the destination and travel class to discover any city in 360º.

Neolith Stayathome S7 3 300x200

Neolith Community

Neolith® presents a song: "Neolith Stay Strong“.

Written in collaboration with Kemie Live (the band of Dutch worktop manufacturer Kemie), the song aims to spread a message of hope and strength in the midst of the Covid-19 outbreak.

An optimistic and catchy melody , highlighting the brand’s diverse and far-reaching community, including distributing partners from the five continents, various promoters, and special brand collaborators.

THANKS to everyone for your positive contribution and for sharing raw and unforgettable images that are going to mark history in this great family.

Chef María Clara Warren (Fuego Alto Cocina Relacional) shares with us a delicious recipe for preparing homemade warm bread. Don't miss her #ICOOKATHOME with Neolith® recipe. Treat yourself during quarantine!

Don't miss the first three "Tertulias de andar por casa" // "Virtual Rendezvous" broadcasts on Neolith TV and IG Stories, featuring professionals from Architecture, Interior Design and Art in Spain, Colombia and Argentina. Get to know their different points of view about how the evolution of the sppaces we inhabit.

Neolith Tertulias de andar por casa 300x199

From Spain, professionals from the Architecture sector such as Lucía Ferrater (OAB), Jens Richter (EstudioHerreros) and Héctor Ruiz, as well as Interior Design professionals as Carmen Baselga; have all joined our conversation about the changes that residential spaces are expected to witness soon. The gathering is led by Cristina Giménez.

From Colombia , Eduardo Munera (Arquitectura Era), Felipe Cadavida (Grafito Studio), David Espinoza (La Carpintería), Felipe Ruiz (Lamparas Fokuss) and Santiago Escobar junto a Eddy Karmona (Vianova), analyze what may be the possible changes in the residential environment.

While from Argentina, the prestigious interior designer Gabi López leads an entertaining gathering in which great experts in Architecture such as Pau Llimona, Milagros Irastorza, Paula de Elia and Edgardo Minondparticipate, where they debate about the new architectural challenges that are presented to us.


A few weeks ago we told you how our partners in China, TechSize and TheSize APAC (Distributor and Branch), had proactively found face mask suppliers to make the first shipment to TheSize Surfaces. Today it turns into reality, and we are beyond grateful for that grand gesture and work, thank you very much!

OAB (Office of Architecture in Barcelona - Carlos Ferrater), one of the most prestigious architecture studios in Spain, is also contributing to the common fight against Covid-19, manufacturing 3D printed protective face shields for healthcare personnel.

We show HIER a small video of the manufacturing process.

Congratulations on the great initiative!

Neolith® wanted to reward the extraordinary effort shown by its employees during the last challenging weeks, with an extraordinary gratification of € 500. Also, by knocking their doors with a surprise treat to make their stay at home more bearable, accompanied by a custom-made mask with the motto: "Keep Calm and do Neolith".

Neolith Stayathome S7 4
Neolith Stayathome S7 5

Healthy News

Disinfection arches

The Spanish company Istobal reinvents itself with the development of arches that can spray disinfectant on the PPE and the exterior of vehicles. An idea made possible thanks to a photocell detection system that activates the sprinklers of this nebulization system.

Hands-free door opener

Materialise has designed and manufactured a 3D hands-free door handle where you simply have to fasten two pieces together with screws over the existing handle. A great contribution to avoid contact with germs and slow the spread of the virus.

We explain how to disinfect your Neolith® countertop Let´s take you through a few steps with a short video.

Weitere Informationen >>HIER.

Corona Memes

In order to add a touch of humor to this situation, the Canadian comedian and magician Wes Barker, has made a video starring his wife Kristen (WestJet hostess), to show "a day in the life of a flight attendant working from home". A whole high-flying experience that ... is worth seeing!

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Talk about Creative!

Amplifier is launching a campaign targeting top curators from around the world, looking for symbols that help promote mental health, wellness and social change work during these stressful times.

Until May 8, discover, share or vote for some of these works!

#Week 6

Quarantine Culture


Virtually visit the Donald Judd exhibition at the Museum of Modern Art in New York, where images of all his work are displayed.

Neolith Stayathome S6 1 300x203


The BBC reveals some tricks and tools on how to work from home and how to do it in an organized and efficient way, to keep your spirits up.

Neolith Stayathome S6 2 300x197


What's better than being hooked on the right series to make the confinement more bearable? Here is a selection to disconnect.

Neolith Stayathome S6 3 300x200

Neolith Community

The Italian chef Valentina Tozzainvites us to try her #ICOOKATHOMErecipe: Pasta a la Genovesa. A traditional Neapolitan dish prepared on Neolith® Estatuario, very easy to prepare yet full of flavor!

Neolith Stayathome S6 4

From Latin America, we continue with more rich and easy recipes, this time by Tastemade with his Papa Rosti with egg and avocado, made on Neolith® Iron Corten, what more could you ask for?

A few days ago we were talking about our future memories, a future full of illusion, today we would like to take a look back, to remember and appreciate all those extraordinary moments that we´ve enjoyed together. Moments that have contributed to creating and strengthening the family that we are today… Let´s recall some of the best together!

Neolith Tertulias de andar por casa 300x199

Neolith® launches its Virtual Rendezvous, where each week we will have a chat with a group of professionals in Spain, Argentina and Colombia to discuss the challenges that architecture, interior design and urban planning have to face in the short and medium term.

The episodes will also feature other countries, and will be available in English soon.

On Saturday, April 25, you mat tune into Neolith´s YouTube channel Neolith TV. The first episode will address Residential Areas with experts in the field of Architecture as Lucía Ferrater (OAB), Jens Richter (Estudio Herreros), Héctor Ruiz Velázquez and the interior designer Carmen Baselga; lead by Cristina Giménez, who is a regular collaborator to magazines such as Architectural Digest, ELLE Decor, El País Semanal, CASA VOGUE and ICON among many others.

Neolith Stayathome S6 5


Today we shed light on Silmar, a family owned metalworking and marble fabrication company in Buenos Aires (exclusive customers of our distributor De Stefano in Argentina), which thanks to their technical capacity and latest technology machinery, have started to manufacture face protection masks using a 3D printer, to further supply the national health institutions. Protection elements which are being marketed at an affordable price, using recycled x-ray films and other elements such as a rubber, which are cut with a waterjet machine.
Congratulations on the great initiative!

Neolith Stayathome S6 6
Neolith Stayathome S6 7

Healthy News

New Mask Concept

CLOSCA Mask launches the #MaskOn movement, creating a new mask concept through a design that represents beauty, honesty, responsibility and commitment. With your purchase you will donate 5 surgical masks for health personnel and risk groups.

Boost your Immunity System

For the first time, we are all experiencing something our immune systems are unfamiliar with, therefore the more actions we take to keep ourselves generally healthy, the better. Don´t miss out on these top tips!

We explain how to disinfect your Neolith® countertop Let´s take you through a few steps with a short video.

Weitere Informationen >>HIER.

Stayathome S6

Corona Memes

We continue to collect the latest memes and maintain the good spirits and therefore health.
It's essential to not give in, and laugh off the dull situations without offending anyone. Just for fun!

Talk about Creative!

Creativity goes on Festivals, meetings and events are cancelled, but creativity is not cancelled! Creativity goes on as presented in Apple´s new campaign, that features day-to-day scenes during the period of confinement, starring anonymous as well as popular faces.

Week #5

Quarantine Culture


As difficult as it may seem, we are inviting you to see the silver lining to this global situation.

Cheer yourself up by recalling this list of 10 positive outcomes that will and might come out of this quarantine.

stayathome S5 1 300x188


There’s never been a better time to pick up a book! Not sure what to read though? Looking for a new perspective? to take your mind off and turn lighthearted pages? Check out this Quarantine Book List by The Writer Practice.

stayathome S5 2


When it comes to home cooking, it turns out that the culinary stars would prefer something quick and easy. Now that there is more time off, they can experiment much more in the kitchen. Find their delicious recipes for better days ahead!

stayathome S5 3 300x200

Neolith Community

Chef Karlos Arguiñano has also wanted to join the initiative launched by Neolith®, #ICOOKATHOME, sending us greetings and encouraging us to spend this time in the best possible way: cooking!

From Neolith® we want to sing a song of hope , to the near future that awaits us, to returning to our good old customs, to enjoying once more that special restaurant, to planning that dreamy getaway, to appreciating our cities´ architecture and good gastronomy. Mainly, to continue living unique experiences together, once again.


Today we shed light on Silmar, a family owned metalworking and marble fabrication company in Buenos Aires (exclusive customers of our distributor De Stefano in Argentina), which thanks to their technical capacity and latest technology machinery, have started to manufacture face protection masks using a 3D printer, to further supply the national health institutions. Protection elements which are being marketed at an affordable price, using recycled x-ray films and other elements such as a rubber, which are cut with a waterjet machine.
Congratulations on the great initiative!

stayathome S5 4

We explain how to disinfect your Neolith® countertop Let´s take you through a few steps with a short video.

Weitere Informationen >>HIER.

Healthy News

How to stay in the know

Whether it´s news on health, travel ban, social distancing or even relaxation apps, information needs to come from reliable sources. Nowadays it´s hard to filter information, and you may wish to limit your exposure and unnecessary sources of anxiety. Stay informed with organizations like the WHO and more.

How to wear your face mask

The face mask is here to stay, and now you´ve figured out that wearing it is not as simple as all those TV doctors made it look.
Here´s a guide to the wear and care of your mask, because the correct way of taking it off is as important as wearing it!

stayathome S5 5 300x150

Corona Memes

It's important to keep laughing, even from the confines of your home. Thanks to the meme-makers who have stepped up and done perfectly relatable and a bit of exaggerated content, for us to share on our WhatsApp groups. Poke some fun with Elle´s 85 favorite memes.

stayathome S5 6 300x180

Talk about Creative!

This week´s creative DIY is by Burger King, who created a chance for all its fans to make and taste its famous Whopper at home, launching Le Whopper de la Quarantaine

Week #4

Quarantine Culture

Architectural Record: Keeping you informed

To help the design profession manage their daily lives and careers through the COVID-19 Pandemic, Architectural Records's senior news team is providing daily breaking news and insights to the design community.

imagen1 stayathome 300x200

Your Ultimate #STAYATHOME Playlist

ELLE Decor editors share the soundtrack of their lives to help us work from home during the Covid-19 pandemic.
Check out their interesting musical mix, there is something for everyone!

imagen2 stayathome 300x200

The Rooftop & Balcony Culture

Here´s a look at the novel ways of community building, self expression and shared motivation captured as people are confined to their apartments. From music to applauds, take a look at how everyone gathers at the balcony across the world.

imagen3 stayathome  300x200

Neolith Community

From Varese (Italy), the chefs Federico Mugnani and Massimo Schwartz (Io Goloso®), have also wanted to join the #ICOOKATHOMEinitiative presenting a very tasty, simple and healthy recipe prepared on Neolith®: Marinated salmon with ginger yogurt salad.

El chiste de Jorge Cadaval de Los Morancos en la cocina de Bertín Osborne con Neolith® Iron Corten.


To all the colleagues who agreed to record themselves and share their knock-knock moment to become the protagonists of our "Neolith® Laughing Therapy" video. Be careful because the next one might be you!

Sit back, relax...and laugh!

Remember that routine cleaning and disinfecting your countertop is essential to minimise health risks.
We explain how to disinfect your Neolith® countertop in a short video. More information

Healthy News

Design Protection

Chinese architect Sun Dayong has created a conceptual design for a body shield that would protect a wearer during the coronavirus outbreak by using UV light to sterilise itself. The project is called "Be a Bat Man" in reference to the fictional superhero and also that bats are one of the wild animals that could be the source of Covid-19.

Make Your Own Mask

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention in USA has created a 45 second video to show citizens how to make their own face mask through easy items that you can find around the house! Try it and DIY!

Corona Memes

Humor is one of the most important recipes against fear, and it gives us possibilities to be creative when it comes to acting.

So ... let's enjoy creativity in times of confinement!

imagen7 stayathome
imagen5 stayathome

Talk about Creative!

Where´s Waldo? - Coronavirus Edition

The Argentinian Art Director, Pedro Mezzini, wanted to re-imagine the books of "Where's Waldo?" During these stay-at-home days, creating a new edition, and making Waldo an easier target than ever, as he is no exception to the global efforts of social distancing.

meme coronavirus2 241x300

Talk about Creative!

We show you a selection of inspiring designs, illustrations and graphic elements of the best designers around the world.

meme coronavirus 285x300

Corona Memes

It is known that laughing together strengthens the sense of community, and social networks serve as a source of inspiration, for sharing a good laugh or maybe a fun account. Check out the selection of memes of the week.


The Covid-19 has dramatically reduced air pollution levels in Europe, even better if we all used electric cars once we are back to normal commute, we would be able to maintain this incredible air quality in the future.

3D-Printed Ventilator

BBC features a Spanish team who has rapidly designed an emergency-use ventilator out of 3D-printed parts. The good news is that they are waiting for it to be approved soon.

Healthy News


We would like to thank our exceptional staff for their commitment, professionalism, effort and dedication, specially during these last weeks.
Now and always, we are a great family. THANK YOU!

Nowadays, in the midst of the COVID-19 outbreak, we are all specially concerned with maintaining a clean enviornment in our home, minimizing any type of health risks.
Routine disinfecting will protect you and your family; therefore, we have prepared a short video on how to sanitize your Neolith® Countertop.

The Master Pastry Chef Paco Torreblanca joins the Neolith® initiative #ICOOKATHOMEinviting us to prepare a simple and sweet recipe during these days of lockdown, don't miss a a detail!

Neolith Community


While Nagami Design usually makes objects such as 3D-printed chairs by Zaha Hadid Architects, read all about their latest great contribution and watch how they have converted to 3D-printing protective equipment for hospitals.


Nothing better than taking advantage of the quarantine to unleash your inner tidying guru! Follow 4 simple tips to declutter and destress. If you need more tips, we recommend watching "Tidying up with Marie Kondo" available on Netflix.


Garibaldi, Ambrosia or Mini Gibson are 3 of the 13 easy cocktail recipes that Forbes magazine features to prepare at home and enjoy alone or in good company!

Week #3

Quarantine Culture


Buildings or public spaces, here is how the COVID-19 Pandemic will change the construction trends according to Architectural Digest RED reunión de industriales españolas del diseño.


The cartoonist Toby Morris and the microbiologist Siouxsie Wiles explain via animated illustrations the importance of social distancing during the Coronavirus outbreak.


The New York Times Style Magazine takes us on journey of self-care and de-stressing activities that we can do during our stay at home.

#Week 2

Quarantine Culture

Neolith Community

Our home has become the place where we feel safest, now more than ever. We have made a selection from our latest residential case studies for your inspiration.

A special mountain house getaway

Here is a look into the house of a Pastry Master

Neolith casa naan 13 e1587575744169

Eternal elegance in a luxury apartment

Neolith Private Residence Rome 00 e1587692442146

Neolith cedric grolet thumb

An ecological house with lots of soul

Neolith Vivienda Unifamiliar Ciempozuelos 25 1 e1587649310853


We extend our deep gratitude for our partners in China, TechSize and TheSize APAC (Distribution and our Asia Pacific Branch), as well as Victor Display (Supplier of Neolith Samples Towers), given that they have just surpassed the health crisis in China, they were proactively able to find a supplier for face masks, and make the first shipment to TheSize.
Throughout the upcoming weeks, we will be receiving more quantities, to be able to distribute to our partners across the world.

It is inspring to see the level of solidarity among all the stakeholders of the chain, at moments as critical as those which we are living.

Healthy News

Corona Memes

Humor como Bálsamo

There appears to be fewer jokes about the virus compared to the number of funny scenes circulating about the new situation. Laughing these days seems to be the remedy and best recipe to overcome confinement.

Talk about Creative!

We show you a selection of inspiring designs, illustrations and graphic elements of the best designers around the world.

#Week 1

Healthy News


Dr. Mehmet Oz of “The Dr. Oz Show” tells TODAY that there are proactive steps you can take against the coronavirus, such as boosting your immune system with fruits and vegetables, vitamin D3 and a flu shot.


According to the Spanish citizens have proven they will not let a coronavirus quarantine keep them from exercising.


China has closed down its last coronavirus hospital. Not enough new cases to support them!

Neolith Community

The Neolith® Group wanted to contribute to the common fight against Coronavirus with a financial contribution of € 300,000 to hospitals in Castellón, nurturing our commitment for protecting our employees, their families and the wider local community where we live and operate so that together we can overcome this situation as soon as possible.

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Quarantine Culture

Visit the Prado Museum

The Prado Museum in Madrid invites you to a virtual visit right from your home. Available on their website and through their Instagram profile, daily news at 10.00am are launched for creating a cultural dialogue. We invite you to participate and keep up with the culture talks of one of the most important museums in the world.

You can still tour the world

Google Arts & Culture presents a website of the google Cultural Institute that features a collection of high-resolution images of works exhibited in various museums around the world. Continue to tour the world here.

Corona Memes

How about a laugh?

These days, our screentime is multiplying, with the non stop coronaviral whatsapps and emails including funny memes. Here is our best of selection.

Talk about Creative!

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